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    Report Updated 31 March 2016

    Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance Career Tracker: Results of wave 1 (2014)

    DownloadPDF 161KB
    Report Updated 3 May 2016

    Public attitudes to commercial access to health data - executive summary

    DownloadPDF 367KB
    Report Updated 24 May 2016

    Data sets from survey on factors affecting public engagement by researchers

    DownloadZIP 224KB
    Report Updated 24 May 2016

    Factors affecting public engagement by researchers: discussion document

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    Report Updated 15 November 2019

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    Report Updated 7 October 2019

    Wellcome gender pay gap report 2019

    DownloadPDF 221KB

    Information about Wellcome's 2019 gender pay gap.

    Report Updated 4 December 2019

    Beyond the bubble: the online conversation on research and development

    DownloadPDF 617KB
    Report Updated 4 December 2019

    Report of the Committee of Enquiry into Veterinary Research

    DownloadPDF 2.2MB

    The committee, set up by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, set out to assess the current state and provision for veterinary science and research and to develop a strategy for the future.

    Report Updated 4 December 2019

    On doing qualitative research linked to ethical healthcare

    DownloadPDF 288KB

    This report looks at how qualitative social research can be used in multidisciplinary initiatives intended to inform ethical healthcare.

    Report Updated 4 December 2019

    Exploring terminology and naming for controlled human infection models

    DownloadPDF 415KB

    The current language used to describe controlled human infection models is complex, with many different names being used. This report highlights what the issues and possible solutions are.

    Report Updated 10 January 2020

    Wellcome Success Framework 2012-17

    DownloadPDF 6.4MB

    This report brings together the broad range of activities through which we achieve our mission and presents some of the evidence from 2012 to 2017.