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    Wellcome science review

    We’re carrying out a review of the way we support science. Our aim is to create a vision that sets out what we want to achieve and the impact we want to have.

    How to enter the Wellcome Photography Prize

    Find out how to enter the Wellcome Photography Prize.

    Wellcome’s partnership with the World Health Organization

    Wellcome is working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to take on big challenges in global health.

    Good clinical practice guidelines

    New clinical practice guidelines are urgently needed for trials where the current guidelines are not fit for purpose.

    Wellcome Global Monitor

    The Wellcome Global Monitor is the world’s largest study into how people around the world think and feel about science and major health challenges.

    Wellcome Leap Fund

    The Wellcome Leap Fund will be a £250 million charity designed to accelerate discovery and innovation by taking risks and providing funding at scale for ambitious scientific goals.

    Our Planet, Our Health grants awarded

    Read summaries of the grants awarded under the Our Planet, Our Health programme.

    Access to healthcare interventions

    Everyone should have access to the life-changing benefits of medicines and other healthcare interventions, like vaccines, diagnostics and therapies.

    Surveillance and Epidemiology of Drug-resistant Infections Consortium

    The Surveillance and Epidemiology of Drug-resistant Infections Consortium (SEDRIC) brings together a range of international experts to share expertise and take action to tackle the gaps in drug-resistant infection surveillance and epidemiology.

    Open research

    We want the research we fund – like publications, data, software and materials – to be open and accessible, so it can have the greatest possible impact.

    Brexit and the EU

    We're working with the UK government and others to achieve a Brexit settlement that allows research to thrive in the UK and Europe.

    Working with the youth sector

    We’re working with the youth sector to help give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds more opportunities to engage with and take part in science activities outside school.

    Understanding health and disease

    We support researchers across the world to explore fundamental questions about health and disease.

    Emerging science and technologies

    Emerging science and technologies, such as human genome editing and gene drive, could provide new solutions to health problems.

    Patient data in research

    Patient data is hugely valuable for research. But the value of that data can only be unlocked if concerns about patient privacy are taken seriously.

    Government investment in research

    Government investment plays an important part in supporting scientific excellence in the UK.

    Data sharing in public health emergencies

    Research is an essential part of being ready for and responding to public health emergencies.

    Research centres and institutes

    We want researchers to work and train in environments where world-class research and translation can thrive. So we invest in the places where research happens.

    Research at scale

    Over the past 25 years, we’ve made a number of critical strategic investments. These multi-million pound, long-term investments in people, resources and technology have helped transform key areas of science.

    Research Leadership Development Programme

    Our Research Leadership Development Programme connects senior researchers with great leaders to help improve their skills.