Wellcome’s purpose is improving health by helping great ideas thrive – we do this in four ways.

Wellcome directly funds thousands of scientists and researchers around the world at every step of the way from discovery to impact. Our funding schemes offer grants across biomedical science, population health, medical innovation, humanities and social science, and public engagement.

We also identify areas in which Wellcome can lead significant change within five or ten years, aiming to transform the global response to some of today’s biggest health challenges.

We work with policy makers to ensure that good research is well supported, and that health is improved by changes to policies and practices based on evidence.

And we engage the public so that people are more aware of science and health research, and feel able to make the most of it in their own lives.

We support researchers

Our funding supports the work of over 14,000 people in about 100 different countries.

We take on big health challenges

Wellcome leads initiatives to accelerate progress to better health.

We campaign for better science

Through partnerships across the world, we advocate policies that promote good health research.

We help everyone get involved

Science and health research should be open to anyone with a great idea.

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