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Blurred out researcher carries out experiment

Opinion | 15 January 2020

It's now beyond doubt: we need to reimagine the way research works by Beth Thompson

The findings of our survey of more than 4,000 researchers expose the stark pressures that many face. But together, we can learn from one another’s good practice and come up with new ways to improve research culture.

Two women at work in the Centre for Human Genetics

Opinion | 10 January 2020

3 things we’ve learned from the Wellcome Success Framework so far by Chonnettia Jones

Wellcome's Director of Insight and Analysis, Chonnettia Jones, discusses what we've learned from the Wellcome Success Framework.

Director of Innovations Katie Anastasi-Frankovics (left) and Finance Director Karen Chadwick (right)

News | 9 January 2020

Katie Anastasi-Frankovics is Wellcome's new Director of Innovations

We are making two new appointments to Wellcome’s Executive Leadership Team – Katie Anastasi-Frankovics is becoming Director of Innovations and Karen Chadwick is Finance Director.

Image of Nicola Perrin

News | 28 December 2019

MBE for Nicola Perrin in Queen’s New Year Honours

Nicola Perrin, former Head of Policy at Wellcome, has been awarded an MBE for her work on championing the responsible use of patient data.

People sat at a table get vaccinated against Ebola as part of a community event.

Opinion | 18 December 2019

This is the decade we made one of the world’s deadliest diseases preventable and curable by Jeremy Farrar

The commitment to research during the last two Ebola outbreaks has changed the course of this disease. Jeremy Farrar reflects on what made this possible.

Blueprint for a research facility with crowds of people walking around the buildings.

Opinion | 18 December 2019

How 'connectors' bridge the gap between research and the public by Carla Ross

A surprising range of organisations, from retailers to design agencies, can provide a bridge between the public and research. These ‘connectors’ play a key role in effective public engagement.

Liz Corbett and a colleague in the lab. Liz is head of the HIV/TB research group at the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme.

News | 17 December 2019

Stellar science and research funded by another year of strong investment returns

Strong investment returns in 2019 meant Wellcome was able to spend over £1.1 billion on improving health for everyone.

Two farmers in Kenya looking at a mobile phone.

Opinion | 11 December 2019

Redefining public engagement with science by Carla Ross

Three ways that getting the public involved in research can help researchers solve challenges.

Schoolchildren in India show the comics they produced.

Explainer | 10 December 2019

How to write persuasively about drug-resistant infections

If you’re an advocate, policy maker or expert working on drug-resistant infections, you often need to write convincingly to make your audience understand and care about the issue. Here are some practical examples to help you do that.

People on a demo in America holding placards supporting science

Opinion | 4 December 2019

To secure investment, science must tell its story better by Ben Bleasdale

A new report from Demos reveals how the public talk about research online – and why the research community’s advocacy needs to catch up.

Illustration showing people climbing over screens with different health-related images

News | 3 December 2019

Mosaic to close after five years of award-winning long-form journalism

Mosaic, Wellcome's digital platform for long-form journalism, is closing on 10 December 2019.