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Healthcare workers put their personal protective equipment on before entering the zone with people suspected of having Ebola.

Opinion | 29 July 2020

How can we make social media a healthier platform for health information? by Carla Ross

It’s time to see health misinformation differently. We’re calling for the health and research sector to step up and play its role in creating a healthier internet.

A painter paints a mural of a doctor wearing a surgical mask.

Opinion | 24 July 2020

Our response to COVID-19 will help define the 21st century by Jeremy Farrar

The true impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt beyond its immediate effects. Jeremy Farrar explains why the choices leaders make now will help define the 21st century.

A kid selling face masks in the street and a health worker wearing a hazmat suit.

Opinion | 20 July 2020

ACT now, ACT together to end COVID-19 by Will Hall

As global efforts continue to make sure COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines are available to those who need them the most, Will Hall writes about the importance of a coordinated global response, delivered locally.

Male researcher sits at desk in his kitchen and looks at laptop

Opinion | 14 July 2020

How could COVID-19 change research culture for the better? by Ben Bleasdale

COVID-19 is transforming every aspect of society – and research is no exception. But how can we use what we’ve learned in the past six months to build a better research culture?

An illustration of pills.

Opinion | 13 July 2020

A lifeline for antibiotic development by Jeremy Knox

The industry-led AMR Action Fund is a major step forward in tackling the spread of drug-resistant infections. Jeremy Knox explains why governments too need to do more to stimulate antibiotic development.

People at a street flea market in Italy.

Opinion | 30 June 2020

This virus isn’t going away. The only way to beat it is to work together by Jeremy Farrar

Six months on from the first case of COVID-19, the pandemic is accelerating and spreading into new areas. Jeremy Farrar talks about the lessons we learned and the long-term solutions.

Two medical workers hold up baby Noubia, the last known patient to contract Ebola in Guinea

Opinion | 26 June 2020

Four lessons from past epidemics to guide us in the search for COVID-19 treatments by Josie Golding

Recent history proves that even the deadliest viruses – like Ebola and HIV – can be made treatable, if we concentrate our efforts on research, development and access. 

Transgender pride flag with Wellcome logo

Opinion | 22 June 2020

Our trans inclusion policy is the latest step in making Wellcome more inclusive by Kathy Poole

Developed in collaboration with our LGBTQ+ network at Wellcome, we're launching a new trans inclusion policy for our staff.

Female doctor sitting with head in hands

Opinion | 22 June 2020

Treatments will take the fear and helplessness out of coronavirus – here’s how businesses can help find them by Jeremy Farrar

Science will show us the way out of the COVID-19 pandemic. And businesses and philanthropy can play a major role by stepping up to fund coronavirus treatments, as well as vaccines and tests.