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With only 10 years left until the 2030 deadline on the Sustainable Development Goals, we are working with WHO and others on a global action plan to ensure healthy lives and well-being for all

Two people facing wall full of posters with information about sleep and health, as part of the workshop and installation Night Club.

Opinion | 6 June 2019

New funding model to replace the Public Engagement Fund by Imran Khan, Greer Roberts

This autumn we’ll be announcing new partnerships that will allocate funding to innovative public engagement projects. To allow us to do so, we’re closing the Public Engagement Fund.

Why Wellcome - and centres we fund - are changing our logos for Pride.

Following a large consultation, we have updated our open access (OA) policy so it now aligns with Plan S. The changes will apply from 1 January 2021.

From India to Latin America, pioneering efforts are being made to reduce the rise and spread of AMR: antibiotic-resistant superbugs

Woman speaks at a workshop

Opinion | 20 May 2019

Research institutions are best placed to support researchers with public engagement by Rebecca Jones, Georgia Bladon

We’re trying new ways to support researchers to deliver the best possible public engagement. Rebecca Jones and Georgia Bladon explain how.

World Health Organization logo

Opinion | 20 May 2019

5 matters of urgency for the World Health Assembly 2019 by Jeremy Farrar

Jeremy Farrar on five things that need urgent attention at this year's World Health Assembly.

In this Q&A, our Director Jeremy Farrar speaks to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases about his career and the people who have influenced him.

EU flag

Opinion | 1 May 2019

EU elections: our letter to UK party leaders by Jeremy Farrar

Wellcome’s Director, Jeremy Farrar, has written to the leaders of all UK political parties who are planning to contest the upcoming European elections on 23 May.

The winners of our Wellcome Data Re-use Prizes have generated new insights in antimicrobial resistance and malaria research.