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Two researchers look at a computer screen

Opinion | 16 October 2019

PhD merit needs to be defined by more than just publications by Anne-Marie Coriat

There needs to be a change in how PhDs are assessed to promote a more positive culture for early career researchers.

On World Mental Health Day 2019, Jeremy Farrar explains why telling stories through photography can change minds about mental issues.

Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe has been awarded a Nobel prize in physiology or medicine.

The Nobel prizes give a human face to science. But does celebrating individuals risk undermining a collaborative research culture?

Legs of people walking up stairs

News | 7 October 2019

Wellcome’s pay gap data 2019

Pay gap data, which is a snapshot of Wellcome on 5 April 2019.

Stephen Caddick has decided to step down from his role as Director of Innovations at the end of April 2020.

A tribute to Danny Truell, who was Wellcome's Chief Investment Officer for more than a decade and helped make Wellcome what it is today.

Jeremy Farrar talks to Research Africa’s editor Linda Nordling about improving research culture and building representative leadership.  

Illustration depicting people around the globe

Opinion | 25 September 2019

This can be a pivotal moment for global health by Alex Harris

What the global action plan being launched at the UN General Assembly means for research and innovation.

Two researchers look into microscope

Opinion | 23 September 2019

Researchers pay the cost of research by Ben Bleasdale

Excellence in research shouldn’t come at the expense of those who make it happen.