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A woman speaks into a microphone at an event

Opinion | 20 February 2020

Ideas to reimagine research culture: what we’ve heard at our university town halls by Ben Bleasdale

Last month, we published the findings of a survey into how researchers feel about the culture they work in. Now, we want to hear your ideas to reimagine research.

A researcher expresses coronavirus, Covid-19, onto surface protein, in a research lab

Opinion | 19 February 2020

COVID-19: how researchers around the world are racing to understand the virus and prevent future outbreaks by Josie Golding

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to spread in China and countries around the world, a global community of researchers are working to find out more about the virus and assess what research needs to be done to stop it.

People wearing surgical masks sitting in subway in Shanghai, China.

News | 13 February 2020

Wellcome pledges £10 million to tackle COVID-19 epidemic

Wellcome is making a pledge of up to £10 million to accelerate research and support global efforts to tackle the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.

Kelly Vere sits next to a microscope and holds up a slide

Opinion | 12 February 2020

More than 'just a technician': why we need to recognise everyone in the research team by Kelly Vere

Kelly Vere, Director of Technical Skills and Strategy at the University of Nottingham, explains how she's been working to build a better culture for technicians.

Jim Smith, Wellcome's Director of Science

News | 11 February 2020

Jim Smith to resume his role as Wellcome's Director of Science in May 2020

Jim Smith, who has been leading Wellcome's Science Review since January 2019, is returning to his role as Director of Science in May 2020.

Seven students watch teacher carrying out an experiment

Opinion | 10 February 2020

Using neuroscience to design education interventions: what have we learned? by Asimina Vergou

Neuroscience can improve educational outcomes, but teachers should be involved from early on in the design of interventions.

Illustration showing two petri dishes with EU flag stars

Opinion | 6 February 2020

Director's update: UK and EU leaders must now agree a strong deal for science by Jeremy Farrar

As the UK begins life after Brexit, Wellcome's Director Jeremy Farrar sets out what the transition period and beyond could mean for research.

Two women wearing white lab coats talking to each other

Opinion | 5 February 2020

Value people as well as papers to improve research culture by Christopher Jackson

As scientists, we try to make sure our research is rigorous so that we can avoid costly errors. We should take the same approach to tackle issues in research culture, says Professor Christopher Jackson.

A pharmacist talking and a researcher taking notes in a pharmacy in Bangalore, India.

Opinion | 5 February 2020

5 things we learned about changing behaviours for antibiotic stewardship by Sian Williams

What is needed to better harness the huge potential of behaviour change science for antibiotic stewardship?

illustration showing connections between different shapes

Opinion | 3 February 2020

How we're using Researchfish data to inform what we do by Chonnettia Jones

Last year, we asked grantholders to report on their research outputs using Researchfish. One year on, what have we learnt from the data and how are we planning to use it?

Six researchers have a discussion around a table

Opinion | 29 January 2020

What can funders do to encourage inclusive research leadership? by Jack Harrington

In the Humanities and Social Science team at Wellcome, we’ve been experimenting with some different approaches.