How we influence and inform policy

By influencing and informing policy, we can help to create the conditions for science to thrive globally and so improve human health.

We work with researchers and a wide range of partners around the world, including governments, research funders, non-governmental organisations, charities and commercial organisations.

Why it’s important

Our policy work leads discussions on big health challenges, such as how to improve the world’s ability to prepare for and respond to epidemics.

We also campaign for better science in areas like regulation, data sharing, and Brexit and the EU.

The research that we fund can have a direct impact on policy – for example, by informing guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) or the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

What we’re doing

Advising on global health challenges

We advise on policies affecting global health problems, including:

Campaigning for better science

To support research, we:

Supporting researchers

From drug-resistant infections to vaccines to climate change, we want to generate and support strong evidence for action, so that policymakers, businesses and the public can make more informed decisions.

The work of the researchers we fund can influence policy guidelines.  

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Reports and consultations

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