We want to help build a better research culture – one that is creative, inclusive and honest. Current practices prioritise outputs at all costs, and this is damaging people’s wellbeing and undermining the quality of research. Expectations around how research is conducted need to be reimagined.

What we want to achieve

As a community we need to open up the conversation about the changes needed in research culture, and how excellence should be redefined. Excellence should not just be what we do, but how we do it.

Together we can move towards a culture that: 

  • supports creativity, with ambitious and collaborative working across disciplines and institutions 
  • prioritises diversity and inclusion, so that everyone benefits from supportive relationships no matter what their background
  • produces open research, which is conducted with honesty and integrity. 

We want to hear your stories about how you or others are promoting excellence in research through positive research environments. 

Tell us what matters

How do you think research culture can be improved? Take our survey to let us know your views.

We will host events in 2020 to share the survey findings, and to bring the community together to find solutions for reimagining research.

Latest articles

"The relentless drive for research excellence has created a culture in modern science that cares exclusively about what is achieved and not about how it is achieved."

"People should feel able to take a complaint forward through their organisation, and also be supported if a complaint is brought against them. If no one knows there is a problem, the situation will not change."

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How do you think research culture can be improved? Let us know your views.

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