Improving science education

Working with partners, we’ll support and motivate teachers to give students across the UK an inspiring and relevant science education.

We made this a strategic priority in 2016.

Why it’s a priority for us

Science shapes the world around us and gives young people:

If more young people take up science-related careers, more medical discoveries will be made and UK economic growth will be stronger. 

But many students are uninspired by science at school. They don’t find it relevant to their lives, or know what science-related careers might be available to them.

What we’re doing

We’re focusing on the following three areas of science education, where we believe we’ll make a real difference. 

Teaching of science in primary schools

We’ll raise the status and quality of primary science education in the UK. For example, we’ll:

Professional development for science teachers 

We’re making professional development an integral part of science teachers’ careers, by:

Science education research

We’re working on new ways to approach research into science education, so it has more impact.

We’re identifying research topics, which will:

What we want to achieve

We’re setting ambitious targets, and will report on our progress.  

Teaching of science in primary schools

Professional development for science teachers

Science education research 


Science education

We believe that all young people should have an inspiring, high-quality science education.