New Master's Programme Awards in humanities and social science

Wellcome is launching a new three-year funding award for Master’s programmes in the humanities and social sciences.

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This scheme will replace our Master’s Awards, which are aimed at individual students.

Instead, the new awards will be made to a Master’s programme. The person running the programme will be responsible for allocating three studentships.

Each studentship will include a stipend and cover tuition fees and certain costs.

Why we’re making this change to our Master's funding

By providing funding over three years we aim to give the people who run Master’s programmes greater flexibility to identify and fund highly motivated students.

Wellcome's aim is to fund the widest possible diversity of Master’s programmes, so we will consider any programme that has a focus on health from any discipline in humanities and social science.

Beyond financial support, the awards are intended to recognise the value of individual Master’s programmes in improving our understanding of human health.

This change reflects Wellcome’s commitment to building an influential and diverse population of future researchers in humanities and social sciences. Successful applications will need to demonstrate how they will help us to achieve this. 

"The Master’s programmes we fund will play a vital role in delivering our mission to improve human health."
Dan O'Connor

In addition to the formal content of a Master’s course, we also want to hear about the opportunities students will have to gain experience that will support their future career, including leadership and interpersonal skills training.

Dan O’Connor, Head of Wellcome’s Humanities and Social Science department, says: "High-quality Master’s training is essential to build future generations of humanities and social science scholars. The Master’s programmes we fund will play a vital role in delivering our mission to improve human health."

This change does not affect applicants who have already been invited to submit a full application under the former Master's Award scheme.

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