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Two researchers look into microscope

Opinion | 23 September 2019

Researchers pay the cost of research by Ben Bleasdale

Excellence in research shouldn’t come at the expense of those who make it happen.

Two people discussing what's in a document

Opinion | 16 September 2019

4 ways that PhD programmes are improving their training culture by Anne-Marie Coriat

The new PhD programmes in science that we’re funding combine scientific excellence with a commitment to improving the working environment for trainees.

Three women researchers working at the Wellcome Centre of Human Genetics in Oxford

Opinion | 10 September 2019

Why we need to reimagine how we do research by Jeremy Farrar

The emphasis on excellence in the research system is stifling diverse thinking and positive behaviours. As a community we can rethink our approach to research culture.

PhD students conducting scientific experiment in science laboratory classroom

Opinion | 1 August 2019

How we can give a more diverse group of undergraduates hands-on research experience by Claire Fenton

We’re changing how we award Biomedical Vacation Scholarships.

Illustration of a magnifying glass over a person speaking to another person

Opinion | 27 June 2019

How we want to work with organisations to handle bullying and harassment investigations by Anne Taylor

We’ve updated our bullying and harassment policy to set out how we expect the organisations we fund to handle cases of misconduct.

Jeremy Farrar

Q&A | 10 May 2019

"No matter where you live, our health and the world's health depend on its most fragile link"

In this Q&A, our Director Jeremy Farrar speaks to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases about his career and the people who have influenced him.

Jim Smith seated at a round table listening to other people talking.

Opinion | 26 February 2019

How we’re approaching Wellcome’s science review by Jim Smith

We're working hard to clarify what we hope the science review will achieve, how we’ll carry it out and who we’ll speak to.

World map showing Wellcome's global funding

News | 14 December 2018

We’re changing the way we fund early career researchers

We are extending our partnership with the Academy of Medical Sciences to £8.3 million to support early career researchers moving into an independent role. Alongside this, we’re going to close our Seed Awards in Science in March 2019.

Anne-Marie Coriat, Head of UK and EU Research Landscape

News | 18 June 2018

A more positive culture for PhD training

Last year we carried out a review of science PhD training. Anne-Marie Coriat explains how the results helped us decide how to design our PhD programmes better.

Jim Smith, Director of Science

Opinion | 9 May 2018

What is the best way to decide who to fund?

How should Wellcome identify the most able and dedicated researchers, and how we should support, and recognise, team science.

Alyson Fox, Wellcome's Director of Grants

News | 3 May 2018

Policies to promote positive research cultures

Alyson Fox, our Director of Grants, explains how Wellcome’s grant conditions and policies help great ideas to thrive.

Wellcome's director of science Jim Smith

Opinion | 13 February 2018

Science research loses out if the flawed career structure puts people off

In Jim Smith's second blog, he focuses on the Science Division’s second strategic priority – strengthening research capability. And highlights some terrific science.