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Illustration showing people climbing over screens with different health-related images

News | 3 December 2019

Mosaic to close after five years of award-winning long-form journalism

Mosaic, Wellcome's digital platform for long-form journalism, is closing on 10 December 2019.

Three meeting participants talking to each other

Opinion | 21 November 2019

How we're making our researcher meetings more inclusive by Charlie Gorham and Charlotte Hussey

A lack of diversity is a systemic problem in science and research, but small changes can add up to help create a better culture.

A group of people talking in a warehouse

Opinion | 15 November 2019

What is stopping health research reaching the people who need it most? by Pri Perera

People with fewer educational qualifications are just as interested in health research, even if they engage less with it, Wellcome Monitor finds. Could engagement practices themselves be a barrier to inclusive engagement?

A five week old boy gets the Ebola vaccine.

Opinion | 14 November 2019

Landmark moment in the fight against Ebola: what have we learnt? by Charlie Weller

The licensing of the first Ebola vaccine is a great achievement for the global healthcare community. What made it possible, and what lessons can we use to prevent and control future outbreaks?

A researcher and two nurses look at patient data.

Opinion | 13 November 2019

With better global data we can outsmart drug-resistant infections by Gemma Buckland Merrett

The impact of drug-resistant infections is much higher than previously thought, as shown in a new report from the Centers for Disease Control.

Illustration of goggles on a yellow and green background

Opinion | 12 November 2019

Does the way Wellcome makes funding decisions support the right research? by Jonathan Best

Research culture is often underpinned by the decisions that funders make and how they make them. But what is the best way to decide who to fund?

Number 12 bus outside the Houses of Parliament in London

Opinion | 11 November 2019

UK general election 2019: our letter to the party leaders by Jeremy Farrar

Aerial view of a colourful forest

News | 8 November 2019

We are carbon off-setting our travel

Wellcome has decided to offset the total CO2 emissions for business travel.

A community health volunteer with mother and her baby in the Satungal village in western Kathmandu.

Opinion | 5 November 2019

It’s time to rethink the way we talk about one of the most urgent threats to our health by Jeremy Farrar

Tackling big health challenges is dependent on science and innovation, but also on the public understanding and engaging with them.

typing on a laptop

Opinion | 4 November 2019

7 things manifesto writers should know about science by Martin Smith

A UK election has been called for the 12 December. That means the scramble is on for the political parties to pull together a manifesto that will capture the imagination and lead to votes.