Publishers comply with our requirements

The top 15 publishers, who between them publish around 85% of Wellcome-attributed research, have now all confirmed that they will provide services specified in our publisher requirements.

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We have also reached out to a number of other publishers, the overwhelming majority of which have confirmed that they also comply.

In September we introduced a set of publisher requirements for open access publications. We did this to make previously implicit requirements explicit, and introduce a small number of new requirements, such as how publishers invoice us for article processing charges (APCs).

The requirements are only applicable to journals we pay APCs to.

To check the open access status of the journal you wish to publish in, you can use the SHERPA FACT service.

The requirements will come into effect on 1 April 2017. Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) partners, including Cancer Research UK, Parkinson's UK and the British Heart Foundation, will also apply the same requirements for outcomes of research they have funded, as will the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

See the full list of publishers complying with our requirements.

Read the publisher requirements in full.

If you have any queries, email