Government urged to protect the UK science budget

Almost 200 organisations from across the life sciences, including the Wellcome Trust, have called on the UK government to protect the science budget in its forthcoming Spending Review.

In a letter published in the Financial Times today, the organisations, comprising leading investors, companies and charities, state that their investment in the UK depends on the Government's commitment to science.

They argue that long-term public funding provides the foundation for the country’s world-leading multidisciplinary research base, delivers wide-ranging improvements to people’s health and wellbeing, underpins the development and retention of a highly skilled workforce, and drives economic growth and productivity.

The text of the letter can be read here. The full list of signatories can be seen in the Notes for editors.


The UK is a scientific superpower. Strong, predictable and long-term Government investment provides the foundation for this country’s outstanding, multidisciplinary research base. Diverse public funding is critical to maintain the UK’s world-leading position, and improve the health and wellbeing of the population. It drives economic growth and attracts a wealth of global corporations, investors and charities.

As representatives of almost 200 organisations from across the life sciences, we urge the Government to reinforce its commitment to science in the 2015 Spending Review and cement the UK as a global leader in research and development. Our investment and support depend upon it.

The UK pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and diagnostics sectors generate an estimated annual turnover of £56 billion, and employ 183,000 people, even more in supply chains. Venture capitalists and specialist investors back early-stage innovative companies as they grow and flourish. Medical research charities attract support from millions of individual donors, investing £1.3 billion a year and funding the salaries of over 12,000 researchers in universities and institutes. None of this would be possible without strong Government support.

Securing public funding for cross-disciplinary research will deliver benefits to patients, increase private sector confidence, and deliver productivity gains, not least through the development and retention of a highly skilled workforce. In recent years, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has made it clear that science is a personal priority. We ask the Government to deliver its vision for this area by protecting its essential investment.



Helen Jamison

Head of Media Relations

Notes for editors

Full list of signatories

Alison Clough, Acting Chief Executive, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
Aisling Burnand, Chief Executive, Association of Medical Research Charities
Dr Menelas Pangalos, Executive Vice-President of Innovative Medicines and Early Development, AstraZeneca
Steve Bates, Chief Executive, BioIndustry Association
Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive, Cancer Research UK
Patrick Vallance, President of Pharmaceuticals R&D, GlaxoSmithKline
Mikael Dolsten, President of Worldwide Research and Development, Pfizer
Martin Murphy, Chief Executive, Syncona Partners
Dr Jeremy Farrar, Director, Wellcome Trust
Neil Woodford CBE, Head of Investment, Woodford Investment Management
Matt Regan, General Manager, AbbVie
Alan Hirzel, Chief Executive, Abcam Plc
Timothy J Haines, Managing Partner, Abingworth
Mark Algar, Co-Founder & Director, AB Scientific Ltd
Dr Fiona Marston, Chief Executive, Absynth Biologics Limited
Dr John Burt, Chief Executive, Abzena
Dr Julian Gilbert, Chief Executive, Acacia Pharma Ltd
Professor Sir John Tooke, President, Academy of Medical Sciences
Sean Kelly, Chief Executive, Action for A-T
Paul Breckell, Chief Executive, Action on Hearing Loss
Charlie Johnson, Chief Executive, ADC Biotechnology
Dr Shahzad Malik, General Partner, Advent Life Sciences
Dr Angel Salazar, Chief Executive, AIDA Technology
David Sharples, Chief Executive, AKL Research and Development
Ian Harrison, Director, Alchemy Pharmatech
Dave Roberts, Chief Executive, Alcohol Research UK
Elizabeth Thomas, Chief Executive, Alderley Analytical
Dr Claire Brown, Investment Manager, Alderley Park Ventures
John Dawson, Chief Executive, Alliance Pharmaceuticals
Hilary Evans, Chief Executive, Alzheimer’s Research UK
Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive, Alzheimer’s Society
Lee Taylor, General Manager, UK, A. Menarini Farmaceutica Internazionale
John Kearney, General Manager UK & Ireland, Amgen
Henny Braund, Chief Executive, Anthony Nolan
Jennifer Murray, Managing Director, Antibody Production Services
Dr Mahendra Deonarain, Chief Science & Operating Officer, Antikor Biopharma
Dr Sarah Howell, Chief Executive, Arecor
Dr Liam O’Toole, Chief Executive, Arthritis Research UK
Peter Ellingworth, Chief Executive, Association of British Healthcare Industries
Simon D Harris, Director, AS-Tec Chemicals Ltd
Dr Harren Jhoti, President & Chief Executive, Astex Pharmaceuticals
Kay Boycott, Chief Executive, Asthma UK
William Davis, Chief Executive, Ataxia Telangiectasia Society
Sue Millman, Chief Executive, Ataxia UK
Jon Spiers, Chief Executive, Autistica
Dr Edward Hodgkin, Chief Executive, Autolus
Roy Sutcliffe, General Manager, B&K Universal
Derek Jones, Chief Executive, Babraham Bioscience Technologies Limited
Dr Alexander Moscho, Chief Executive, UK & Ireland, & Managing Director, Bayer
Dr John B March, Chief Executive, BigDNA
Dr Erik Miljan, Chief Executive, Biodivide
Dr Simon Douglas, Chief Executive, Biofortuna
Terry O’Regan, Vice-President & Managing Director, Biogen UK and Ireland
Dr Geoff Davison, Chief Executive, Bionow
Lin Bateson, Director, BioPartner UK
Dr Shaun McNulty, CSO, Biosceptre UK
Cathy Gilman, Chief Executive, Bloodwise
Nathan Nagel, Chief Executive, Brain-e-Games
Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive, Breast Cancer Now
Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive, British Heart Foundation
Doris-Ann Williams MBE, Chief Executive, British In Vitro Diagnostics Association
Mike Kimmons, Chief Executive, British Orthopaedic Association
Dr William Campbell, President, British Pain Society
Piers Morgan, Chief Executive, C4X Discovery Holdings
Brenda Reynolds, Chief Executive, Calchan
Martin Frost, Chief Executive, Cambridge Medical Robotics
Emily Humphrys, Director, Cambridge Research Biochemicals
Dr Keith Blundy, Chief Executive, Cancer Research Technology
Dr Mike Dawson, Chief Executive, Cantab Anti-infectives
Wim Souverijns, Vice-President & General Manager, UK & Ireland, Celgene Corporation
Dr Edward Green, Chief Executive, CHAIN Biotechnology
Chris Eccles, Managing Director, Chargepoint
Caroline Harding, Chief Executive, Chronic Granulomatous Disorder Society
Steve Harris, Chief Executive, Circassia Pharmaceuticals
Steve Street, General Manager & Vice-President, Early Development, Covance
Dr Peter Pack, Chief Executive, Crescendo Biologics
David Barker, Chief Executive, Crohn’s and Colitis UK
Simon Kerr, Chief executive, Cypralis
Dr Anthony Baxter, Chief Executive, Cyprotex
Ed Owen, Chief Executive, Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Dr Emma Banks, Chief Executive, Datatrial
Dr Marcus Yeo, Chief Executive, DefiniGEN
Dr David Williams, Chief Executive, Discuva
Dr Eddy Littler, Chief Executive, Domainex
Dr Mike Capaldi, Director, Edinburgh Bioquarter
Gary Hendler, President & Chief Executive, Eisai Europe
Leigh Slocombe, Chief Executive, Epilepsy Research UK
Michael Bannister, Commercial Director, Europa Bioproducts
Michele Acton, Chief Executive, Fight for Sight
Dr John Haurum, Chief Executive, F-star Biotechnology
Kieran Murphy, Chief Executive, GE Healthcare Life Sciences
John A Nicholson, Chairman & Chief Executive, Gentronix
Dr Dave Simpson, Chief Executive, Glythera
Tim Johnson, Chief Executive, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity
Jan-Uwe Claas, Managing Director, Grunenthal UK
Alby Pattison, Managing Director, Hart Biologicals
Dr Hytham Al-Masri, President & Chief Executive, Hematogenix
Dr Malcolm Weir, Chief Executive, Heptares Therapeutics
Dr Darrin M Disley, Chief Executive, Horizon Discovery Group
John Illingworth, Managing Director, Illingworth Research
Dr Kevin Cox, Chief Executive, Imanova
Dr Nigel Pitchford, Chief Investment Officer, Imperial Innovations
Dr Simon Ward, Chief Executive, Incanthera
Dr Paul Kemp, Chief Executive and Chief Scientific Officer, Intercytex
Dr Ben Cliff, Laboratory Director, Intertek Life Sciences
Mark Hammond, Director of UK Chemicals & Pharma, Intertek Melbourn
Dr John McCafferty, Chief Executive, IONTAS
Ewan McDowall, Vice-President Commercial Operations, UK & Ireland, Ipsen
Dr John Chaddock, Vice-President of Neurology, Ipsen Bioinnovation
Mark Hicken, Managing Director, Janssen, UK & Ireland
Dr Simon Kerry, Chief Executive, Karus Therapeutics
Sandra Currie, Chief Executive, Kidney Research UK
Dr Paul Colbon, Chief Operating Officer and Director, Liverpool ChiroChem
Dr Ken Larkin, Chief Executive, London BioScience Innovation Centre
Cathy Yelf, Chief Executive, Macular Society
Deborah Laubach, Operations Manager, MediWales
Sue Davie, Chief Executive, Meningitis Now
Chris Head, Chief Executive, Meningitis Research Foundation
Dr Mark Payton, Chief Executive, Mercia Technologies
Elisabeth Prchla, General Manager, UK & Ireland, Merck Serono
Dr Jim Phillips, Chief Executive, Midatech Pharma
Cynthia Joyce, Chief Executive, MQ: Transforming Mental Health
Dr Alan Palmer, Chief Scientific Officer, MS Therapeutics
Karen Walker, Interim Chief Executive, MSA Trust
Dr Rob Pinnock, Director Scientific Liaison UK, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, MSD
Mike Nally, Senior Vice-President & Managing Director, UK & Ireland, MSD
Robert Meadowcroft, Chief Executive, Muscular Dystrophy UK
Dr John Solly, Director, Myrovlytis Trust
Professor Andreas Schatzlein, Chief Executive, Nanomerics
Mike Daw, Chief Executive, National Eye Research Centre
Dr Frank Massam, Chief Executive, Nemesis Bioscience
Dr Sally-Ann Forsyth, Chief Executive, Norwich Research Park
Andy O’Toole, Vice-President European Operations, Nova Biomedical
Hugh O’Dowd, Country President & General Manager UK & Ireland, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK
Dr Martin Edwards, Senior Partner, Novo, A/S
Dr Dave Mead, Director of Business Development, Novozymes BioPharma UK
Harriet Fear, Chief Executive, One Nucleus
Dr Anthony Holmes, Chief Executive, Optasia Medical
Katherine Taylor, Acting Chief Executive, Ovarian Cancer Action
Dr Peter Wrighton-Smith,Chief Executive, Oxford Immunotec
Alexandra Ford, Chief Executive, Pancreatic Cancer UK
Richard Penney, Acting Chief Executive, Parkinson’s UK
Dr Mark Abbott, Founder & Managing Director, Peak Proteins
Dr Andrew Lightfoot, Chief Executive, Peptinnovate
Dr Samantha Westgate, Chief Executive, Perfectus Biomed
Dr Conor Mulrooney, Chief Operating Officer, Phagenesis
Dr Chris Torrance, Chief Executive, PhoreMost
Santoke Naal, Managing Director, Pierre Fabre Ltd Oncology
Dr Guy Hill, Founder, Preome
Mark Reed, General Manager, Pro-Lab Diagnostics
Dr Don Gilbert, Managing Director, ProSynth
Dr Simon Bryson, Chief Executive, Proveca
Jo Idowu, Managing Director, Providion
Dr John Beadle, Chief Executive, PsiOxus Therapeutics
Dr Jane Theaker, Associate Director, Qiagen Manchester
Dennis Camilleri, Chief Executive, Rapid Biosensor Systems
Dr Nigel Banister, Founder & Chief Executive, Rare Biotech
Dr Neil Murray, Chief Executive, Redx Pharma
Tarja Stenvall, General Manager, UK & Ireland, Sanofi
Craig Wallace, General Manager, Santen UK & Ireland
Lindsey Bennister, Chief Executive, Sarcoma UK
Dr Richard Goodfellow, Chief Executive, Scancell Holdings
Dr Hans Fliri, Chairman & Chief Executive, Selcia
Alicja Malysiak, Vice-President Sales, Selvita
Stephen Eckley, Chief Executive, Sequani
Peter Grant, Chief Executive, Skyepharma
Ian Russell, Chief Executive, Society for Endocrinology
Dr Donald Wellings, Chief Executive, Spheritech
Mark Bacon, Executive & Scientific Director, Spinal Research
Dr Martino Picardo, Chief Executive, Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst
Bill Campbell, Chief Executive, Stratophase
Glyn Edwards, Chief Executive, Summit
Kate Bingham, Managing Partner, SV Life Sciences
Allan Malcolm, Business Development Manager, Synergy Health
Dr David Venables, Chief Executive, Synpromics
Adam Zaeske, General Manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Dr William Watson, Head of Business Development, Teva Europe
Professor Michael Wakeham, Director, The Babraham Institute
Sarah Lindsell, Chief Executive, The Brain Tumour Charity
Francine Bates, Chief Executive, The Lullaby Trust
Wendy Thomas, Chief Executive, The Migraine Trust
Louise de Winter, Chief Executive, The Urology Foundation
Dr Susan Conroy, Chief Executive, Therakind
Keith Chantler, Chief Executive, TRUSTECH
Peter Taylor, Chief Executive, TTP Group
David Newble, Managing Director, TTPLabtech
Mark Tucker, Chief Executive, TTS Pharma
Jayne Spink, Chief Executive, Tuberous Sclerosis Association
Dr Neil Weir, Senior Vice-President of Discovery Research, UCB
Paul Wright, Chief Executive, United Kingdom Science Park Association
Dr Salman Rahman, Chief Executive, Vasgen
Dr Stephen Bloor, Chief Executive, Videregen
Guy Topping, Managing Director, Europe, Wheaton UK
Chris Bishop, Technical Director, Wickham Laboratories Limited
Norman Barrett, Chief Executive, Worldwide Cancer Research
Charles Rowett, Chief Executive, Yorkshire Cancer Research
Dr Mike Yeadon, Chief Executive, Ziarco Pharma
Dr Steven M Martin, Chief Executive, ZuvaSyntha