Coronavirus (COVID-19): information for grant applicants and grantholders

This page has information for anyone applying for one of our research grants, or who holds a Wellcome grant.

We will keep this page regularly updated. While the Wellcome Trust building has closed, we remain very much open for business.

If you're applying for a Wellcome grant

All our funding schemes and calls remain open for applications.

We have extended the deadlines by one week for any schemes with an application deadline up to the end of April 2020. We won't consider requests to extend these application deadlines further.

All other application, shortlisting, interview and decision dates will not change.

If your organisation is closed and unable to approve and submit an application, we can do this on their behalf. But we will need agreement from your organisation to do this. Your organisation should email to confirm their agreement.

Some of our advisory committee meetings will take place remotely. We will let you know if you are affected.

If you hold a Wellcome grant

To help minimise the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our grantholders, Wellcome will provide the following support.

We will follow the policy of the employing organisation if any staff employed on a grant:

  • are unwell
  • need to self-isolate
  • have caring responsibilities for someone affected.

We will supplement your grant for the costs your employing organisation incurs paying their salary while they're away, less any recoverable statutory pay. See our sick leave policy for more information.

We will pay the following costs if you’re called away to work on the coronavirus response for one month or more (for example carrying out clinical duties):

  • Grantholder – the running costs and salaries of anyone employed on your grant.
  • Fellow – your salary, running costs and salaries of anyone employed on your grant. We will only pay your salary if it’s not provided from elsewhere (for example, the NHS).
  • Member of staff employed on a grant – your salary. We will only pay this if it’s not provided from elsewhere (for example, the NHS).

We will pay these costs and extend your grant for the period of time you’re away.

If you have paid costs for an event or travel which has been cancelled, and these costs cannot be reimbursed or claimed for under insurance, you can claim these against your grant.

We will extend your grant if you don't need additional costs.

For other grants which may be affected (for example, if an organisation closes), we will look to minimise the impact on our funded research activities wherever possible. This might be a supplement to your grant, where it’s not covered by insurance.

Updated 23 March 2020.

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We fund scientists and researchers - we do not provide support for individuals or businesses. Please only contact us if you’re a research officer, a research funding applicant or a current Wellcome grantholder.