Social Science and Bioethics Early Career Expert Review Group

This expert review group shortlists applications for:

It also makes funding recommendations for Master's Awards and Doctoral Studentships

Members are listed below. Additional experts will join the panel as necessary.


Professor Gillian Bendelow (Chair)

University of Brighton

Professor Rachel Baker

Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr Ben Baumberg Geiger

University of Kent

Dr Sarah Chan

University of Edinburgh

Dr Jill Craigie

King's College London

Professor Erica Haimes

Newcastle University

Professor Sarah Hawkes

University College London

Dr Patricia Kingori

University of Oxford

Dr Hayley MacGregor

University of Sussex

Dr Martyn Pickersgill

University of Edinburgh

Dr Katherine Smith

University of Edinburgh


Paul Woodgate

Portfolio Developer

Wellcome Trust


We expect members to comply with our Conflict of Interest Policy [PDF 137KB].