Pathogen Biology and Disease Transmission Expert Review Group

This expert review group shortlists candidates for:

Its remit includes:

  • infectious diseases of humans and animals
  • vector biology
  • identification and early-stage development of antimicrobial agents
  • antimicrobial drug resistance
  • population studies of the distribution and transmission of infectious agents.


Professor Jay Hinton (Chair)

University of Liverpool

Professor Mike Blackman

The Francis Crick Institute

Professor Paul Duprex

University of Pittsburgh, USA

Dr Robert Fagan

University of Sheffield

Professor Mark Field

University of Dundee

Dr Leo James

University of Cambridge

Professor Jane McKeating

University of Oxford

Professor Julian Naglik

King’s College London

Professor Sarah Reece

University of Edinburgh

Professor Rachel Simmonds

University of Surrey


Emma Ralph

Senior Grants Adviser, Infection and Immunobiology

Wellcome Trust


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