Surveillance and Epidemiology of Drug-resistant Infections Consortium

The Surveillance and Epidemiology of Drug-resistant Infections Consortium (SEDRIC) brings together a range of international experts to share expertise and take action to tackle the gaps in drug-resistant infection surveillance and epidemiology. 

SEDRIC’s aims

SEDRIC aims to transform the way countries are able to track, share and analyse information about the rise and spread of drug-resistant infections. 

Better information will speed up action and improve public health interventions, saving many lives in the process.

SEDRIC will:

It began its work in January 2018 and is funded by Wellcome. 

Board and working groups

The SEDRIC board has 12 members, with expertise spanning genetics, epidemiology, microbiology, public health and animal health. The current chair is Professor Sharon Peacock. 

The board will commission reviews and convene fixed-term working groups to address key issues in the fight against drug-resistant infection. This could include how to develop guidelines and tools to encourage data sharing, or how to translate scientific evidence into policy.

Become a member

Would you like to help shape SEDRIC’s work? We’re looking for members to join the Consortium. 

Applications are open to anyone who has an interest in any aspect of the surveillance and epidemiology of drug-resistant infections.

If you would like to apply, please:


Global intelligence on superbugs vital to stop antibiotic resistance

Professor Sharon Peacock, the board’s chair, explains why SEDRIC is necessary and what it aims to do. Read her article.

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