Public views on science and health

Wellcome collects public views on topics such as science, health and medical research through our Monitor surveys: the Global Monitor which will engage with more than 140,000 people from around the world in 2018, and the UK Monitor which surveys over a thousand people across the UK every three years. 

Why we run the Monitor surveys

We believe that we will be more successful in our mission if people around the world are empowered to understand, engage with and use science. The survey results inform what we do in policy, education and public engagement. We make questionnaires, datasets and reports from the surveys available for anyone to use.

Wellcome Global Monitor

This global study is designed to understand how people around the world think and feel about science and key health challenges.

The 30-question survey will run throughout 2018 as part of the Gallup World Poll. The process for developing the questionnaire (which is described in the Wellcome Global Monitor Questionnaire Development Report [PDF 939KB]) involved:

People from 140 countries will take part in the survey, including Afghanistan, Brazil, Denmark, Liberia, Rwanda, Guatemala, Iceland, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the USA. The full questionnaire will be available when we publish our findings in spring 2019.

Wellcome UK Monitor

Every three years we survey over a thousand people across the UK. Since 2009, we have measured trends in public attitudes towards science, including:

We also ask about specific topics like:

Wave 3 (2015)




Wave 2 (2012)

Wave 1 (2009)

More information

Several publications have used data from the first two waves, including:

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