Institutional Strategic Support Fund

Our Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) enables UK universities to invest strategically to address fundamental health challenges.

Funds can be used to support talented researchers and create the environments they need to do world-leading research. 

Funding activities

Through the ISSF, universities can invest where there may be opportunities or unmet needs. This can be in science, medical innovation or the humanities and social sciences. 

Awards are worth between £600,000 and £3 million over a two-year period. They are matched by an equal contribution from the university.

Universities that receive ISSF awards have the freedom to decide how best to spend the grant.

They might use their funding to:

Read about how ISSF award holders have been supporting the work of their researchers

Current award holders

25 universities currently hold ISSF awards:


University of Cambridge
Professor Paul Lehner

Imperial College London
Professor Simon Taylor-Robinson

University of Oxford
Professor Peter Ratcliffe

University College London
Professor Alan Thompson


University of Dundee
Professor Doreen Cantrell

University of Edinburgh
Professor Jonathan Seckl

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Professor John Edmunds

University of Manchester
Professor Mike Dixon and Professor Christopher Thompson


University of Bristol
Professor Jeremy Tavare

Cardiff University
Professor Kim Graham

University of Glasgow
Professor Anna Dominiczak

King’s College London
Professor Simon Howell and Professor Tom Foulkes

University of Liverpool
Professor Malcolm Jackson

Newcastle University
Professor Deborah Henderson


University of Birmingham
Professor Paul Moss

University of Exeter
Professor Nick Talbot

University of Leeds
Professor Paul Stewart

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Professor Steve Ward

University of St Andrews
Professor James Naismith

University of York
Professor Deborah Smith


University of Aberdeen
Professor Phil Hannaford

Birkbeck, University of London
Professor Nick Keep

Queen Mary, University of London
Professor Bill Spence

University of Sussex
Professor Laurence Pearl

University of Warwick
Professor Mohan Balasubramanian

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