Teacher expertise

All teachers and technicians should have regular, high-quality continuing professional development (CPD) throughout their career so that they can improve student learning.

Why it’s important

A good teacher is the most important factor in encouraging students to want to learn science.

Providing teachers with opportunities for good professional development can: 

What we’re doing

Teachers' professional development is a key part of our science education priority area.

Supporting access to continuing professional development

We’ve committed £45 million to building and supporting the National STEM Learning Centre. It’s the go-to place for primary and secondary teachers and technicians across the UK to access CPD. 

Bursaries are available through Project ENTHUSE. These can be used towards travel, staff cover and course fees for teachers and technicians. 

Research into the impact of continuing professional development

A key finding of our report, Developing great subject teaching [PDF 2.4MB], is that teachers are less likely to participate in subject-specific CPD than generic pedagogic CPD, even though it is more beneficial. Where it is prioritised, senior leaders play an important enabling role.

David Weston, Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust, comments on the report findings in The Times Educational Supplement.

Our report, Improving science teacher retention [PDF 1.3MB], shows that science teachers are more likely than non-science teachers to leave the profession. It looks at how access to CPD helps to keep more teachers in the classroom.

Celebrating exceptional science teaching

At the annual ENTHUSE Awards, we celebrate exceptional teachers and technicians who have made a significant impact on science teaching in their schools. Find out about past winners and how to apply.

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Science education is one of our priority areas. Find out more about what we're doing to inspire teachers and students.

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