Education resources

These are the resources we produce and fund to help teachers. 


A programme of free, fun and simple science activities to inspire teachers and spark their pupils’ curiosity.

Big Picture

A free, impartial educational resource that brings cutting-edge science into the classroom and beyond. It’s published twice a year.

The Crunch

Our initiative to get everyone talking about food, health and the planet.

National STEM Learning Centre

The centre offers continuing professional development for primary and secondary teachers and technicians across the UK. It's supported by Wellcome.

Bursaries are available through Project ENTHUSE. These can be used towards travel, staff cover and course fees for teachers and technicians. 

Teaching Science

A place for secondary school science teachers to find professional development opportunities from some of the UK’s leading scientific institutions.

Wellcome images for teachers and students

We’ve worked closely with teachers to curate a selection of image galleries specially designed to support the secondary curriculum.

More about our work in science education

Science education is one of our priority areas. Find out more about what we're doing to inspire teachers and students.