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Flexible research careers

We understand that different people choose different career paths, so we want to provide flexible research career opportunities.

News 28 December 2019 Updated 28 December 2019

MBE for Nicola Perrin in Queen’s New Year Honours

Nicola Perrin, former Head of Policy at Wellcome, has been awarded an MBE for her work on championing the responsible use of patient data.

Funding guidance

Use of animals in research policy

Our policy on the use of animals in research.

Our Planet, Our Health team

Supports health professionals, policy makers and researchers to understand and find solutions to planetary health challenges.

About us

Wellcome exists to improve health by helping great ideas to thrive.

History of Wellcome

The pharmacist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector Sir Henry Wellcome died in 1936. On his death, his will established the Wellcome Trust for "the advancement of medical and scientific research to improve mankind's wellbeing".

Our work

Wellcome Photography Prize FAQs

Answers to some of the Wellcome Photography Prize most frequently asked questions, covering everything from how to enter, to images sizes, to how you find out if your photograph has won.

Opinion 21 November 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

How we're making our researcher meetings more inclusive

A lack of diversity is a systemic problem in science and research, but small changes can add up to help create a better culture.

Opinion 12 November 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

Does the way Wellcome makes funding decisions support the right research?

Research culture is often underpinned by the decisions that funders make and how they make them. But what is the best way to decide who to fund?

Opinion 24 October 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

Leaving academia: there are still opportunities to make a difference in research

Leaving academia isn’t the same as leaving research – Danil Mikhailov shares his story.

Opinion 16 October 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

PhD merit needs to be defined by more than just publications

There needs to be a change in how PhDs are assessed to promote a more positive culture for early career researchers.

Opinion 7 October 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

We hail individual geniuses, but success in science comes through collaboration

The Nobel prizes give a human face to science. But does celebrating individuals risk undermining a collaborative research culture?

Q&A 26 September 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

There are things we can do to make science leadership more representative

Jeremy Farrar talks to Research Africa’s editor Linda Nordling about improving research culture and building representative leadership.  

Opinion 23 September 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

Researchers pay the cost of research

Excellence in research shouldn’t come at the expense of those who make it happen.

Opinion 16 September 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

4 ways that PhD programmes are improving their training culture

The new PhD programmes in science that we’re funding combine scientific excellence with a commitment to improving the working environment for trainees.

Opinion 10 September 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

Why we need to reimagine how we do research

The emphasis on excellence in the research system is stifling diverse thinking and positive behaviours. As a community we can rethink our approach to research culture.

Opinion 1 August 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

How we can give a more diverse group of undergraduates hands-on research experience

We’re changing how we award Biomedical Vacation Scholarships.

Opinion 27 June 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

How we want to work with organisations to handle bullying and harassment investigations

We’ve updated our bullying and harassment policy to set out how we expect the organisations we fund to handle cases of misconduct.

News 3 December 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

Mosaic to close after five years of award-winning long-form journalism

Mosaic, Wellcome's digital platform for long-form journalism, is closing on 10 December 2019.

News 18 June 2018 Updated 2 January 2020

A more positive culture for PhD training

Last year we carried out a review of science PhD training. Anne-Marie Coriat explains how the results helped us decide how to design our PhD programmes better.