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Report 1 October 2014 Updated 4 May 2016

Ensuring your research is ethical: a guide for Extended Project Qualification students

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This guide helps students to think about how research ethics applies to their own independent research projects.

Report 1 July 2013 Updated 4 May 2016

Working with schools in STEM public engagement: approaches taken by Wellcome Trust-funded research centres

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This report looks at how research centres work with schools and the factors that encourage and hinder this work.

Report 1 September 2011 Updated 4 May 2016

Exploring young people's views on science education

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Commissioned by Wellcome and carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Research, this report looks at young people's experiences of science education and how they could be enhanced.

Report 1 March 2004 Updated 4 May 2016

Life study: biology A-level in the 21st Century

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Commissioned by Wellcome and carried out by the Centre for Education and Industry at the University of Warwick, this report aims to stimulate discussion about the future role of biology A-level in schools.

Report 1 October 2012 Updated 4 May 2016

A recommended code of governance for schools

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Our code aims to improve how school governing bodies work, including how they set strategic direction and how they evaluate their own performance.

Report 1 October 2010 Updated 4 May 2016

Subject choice in STEM: factors influencing young people (aged 14-19) in education

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We commissioned the EPPI-Centre to examine why young people make the subject choices they do.

Report 1 June 2014 Updated 4 May 2016

Questions for governors

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A framework to help school leaders and governors discuss ways to improve science and maths education.

Report 1 June 2012 Updated 4 May 2016

Evaluation of the Wellcome Trust Camden STEM initiative

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This report presents the findings of an evaluation of Wellcome’s Camden STEM initiative, which provided funding to eight Camden schools to develop interdisciplinary projects.

Report 1 October 2011 Updated 4 May 2016

Acquisition of science subject knowledge and pedagogy in initial teacher training

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We commissioned Roger Lock and colleagues at the University of Birmingham to carry out a study of the subject content of one-year postgraduate training courses for secondary science teachers.

Report 1 May 2014 Updated 4 May 2016

The perceived success of interventions in science education

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A study exploring the features of successful science education interventions.

Report 1 September 2002 Updated 19 May 2016

From biobanks to biomarkers

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This conference looked at how to use the potential of human population genetics research to improve EU citizens' quality of health.

Report 1 March 2014 Updated 3 May 2016

Public health sciences: challenges and opportunities

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The Public Health Sciences Working Group, convened by Wellcome, consider the state of the public health sciences in the UK.

Report 1 March 2000 Updated 6 June 2017

Review of Wellcome Trust PhD research training: the student perspective

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This study explores the experiences and expectations of Wellcome-funded PhD students receiving training on four-year PhD training programmes or three-year studentships.

Report 1 April 2010 Updated 3 May 2016

Assessment Framework Report 2009/10

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Annual report outlining Wellcome’s achievements in relation to our Strategic Plan for 2010-20.

Report 1 September 2014 Updated 4 May 2016

Shaping the future of open innovation: a practical guide for life sciences organisations

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We explore how open collaborations in the life sciences are developing.

Report 1 July 2001 Updated 4 May 2016

Review of Wellcome Trust PhD research training: the supervisor perspective

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This study explores the opinions and experiences of the academic supervisors of Wellcome-funded PhD students.

Report 1 June 2010 Updated 4 May 2016

Precompetitive drug boundaries: open innovation in drug discovery and development

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Our Frontiers meeting looked at open innovation strategies for drug discovery and development.

Report 1 March 2000 Updated 25 January 2017

Review of Wellcome Trust PhD research training: career paths of a 1988-1990 prize student cohort

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This study explores the opinions and experiences of a cohort of Wellcome-funded PhD students who received prize studentships between 1988 and 1990.

Report Updated 15 February 2016

Medical Research: What’s it worth? Estimating the economic benefits of cancer-related research in the UK

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Following a ground breaking study published in 2008, which yielded the first quantitative assessment of the economic benefit of biomedical and health science in the UK, the Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK, the Department for Health and the Academy of Medical Sciences commissioned this new study t

Report 1 May 2007 Updated 4 May 2016

The use of electronic patient records for research and health benefit

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This Frontiers meeting brought together senior policy makers interested in developing a research service that is integrated within the NHS' national programme for IT.