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Consultation response 1 February 2013 Updated 4 December 2019

Consultation on the MHRA's Draft 2013-18 corporate plan

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Consultation response 1 January 2013 Updated 4 December 2019

Inquiry into open access

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Consultation response 1 January 2013 Updated 29 March 2016

Strengthening the NHS Constitution

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Consultation response 1 January 2013 Updated 4 December 2019

Call for written evidence

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Consultation response 1 January 2013 Updated 4 December 2019

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency: The revision of European legislation on medical devices

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Report Updated 15 February 2016

Tomorrow Belongs to Me

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Artist Jacqueline Donachie worked with geneticist Dr Darren Monckton to undertake a series of filmed interviews with key scientists whose work had helped to prove the theory of 'anticipation' in relation to certain inherited genetic disorders. 'Anticipation' refers to the occurrence of genetic disor

Report Updated 15 February 2016

D'Alembert's Dream

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Phoebe Von Held worked with scientists to develop a dramatisation of Denis Diderot's 18th-century text 'D'Alembert's Dream', which envisages the cosmos as a delirious universe of scientific speculation and metaphor.Von Held worked with a number of scientists at the National Institute for Medical Res

Consultation response 1 December 2012 Updated 4 December 2019

Inquiry in Global Food Security

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Report Updated 15 February 2016

Ex Memoria

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Film director Josh Appignanesi collaborated with Bradford Dementia Group in producing ‘Ex Memoria’, a short narrative film exploring the experience of dementia as embodied in Eva, a resident in a care home.The film was distributed - and gained critical acclaim - on the international short film f

Report 1 October 2009 Updated 4 May 2016

Insight and exchange: an evaluation of the Wellcome Trust's Sciart programme

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Following the closure of our Sciart programme in 2006, we commissioned an independent evaluation to document its legacy and long-term impact.

Report 1 June 2011 Updated 4 May 2016

Community engagement: under the microscope

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Discussions from the third in a series of workshops organised by Wellcome to examine public engagement with health research.

Report Updated 4 May 2016

Public perspectives on human cloning

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The results of a public consultation exercise, commissioned by Wellcome, on human cloning and the use of cloning technology in medical research.

Report 1 April 2012 Updated 4 May 2016

Assessing public attitudes to health related findings in research

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During research involving human participants, researchers may discover something with significance to the participant's health; for example, an undiagnosed disease or risk of illness. This report explores public attitudes to this issue.

Report 1 October 2013 Updated 4 May 2016

Sharing our practice: successes and challenges of public engagement in the Wellcome Trust's UK centres

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In this workshop, Wellcome's centres came together to share their experiences. Discussions focused on audiences, formats, and drivers and challenges to engagement.

Report 1 December 2015 Updated 4 May 2016

Exploring barriers to public engagement by UK researchers: research results

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Infographic showing the findings of a national survey on the factors that affect public engagement by researchers across the UK.

Report 1 June 2007 Updated 4 May 2016

Public attitudes to research governance: a qualitative study in a deliberative context

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This report presents findings from an in-depth research study that aimed to explore the role governance plays in shaping attitudes to biomedical research.

Report 1 July 2013 Updated 4 December 2019

Qualitative research into public attitudes to personal data and linking personal data

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We commissioned CM Insight to conduct some focus groups to give us a better understanding of people's attitudes towards their data.

Report 1 August 2005 Updated 4 December 2019

Information and attitudes: consulting the public about biomedical science

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A report discussing methods of deliberation, consultation and public engagement about biomedical science, based on a survey of attitudes to gene therapy.

Consultation response 1 December 2012 Updated 4 December 2019

The role of School Governing Bodies

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Report 1 February 2015 Updated 4 May 2016

Global food matters: an appetite for engaging with research

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This report highlights the findings of our sixth annual international engagement workshop which took place in Botswana. Discussions focused on public and community engagement with changing food systems, health and the environment.