10 new projects exploring how sexuality affects health

We’re funding researchers at ten institutions to explore diverse issues about sexuality and health. Charli Colegate, from our Humanities and Social Science team, explains why we chose this theme for Seed Awards – and what the next theme will be.

Sexuality is an often wilfully overlooked or under-researched area in relation to health, and yet it is a human experience that exerts a powerful influence on mental and physical health. 

Sexuality can affect health-related needs and behaviours, and how individuals and communities are treated by healthcare professionals and by health policies at local, national and international levels. 

We believe that humanities and social science disciplines can contribute crucial insights about sexuality and health, and that’s why we decided it should be the theme for our most recent round of Seed Awards funding. 

How we decide which proposals to fund

We prioritise exciting, innovative ideas. These three projects give a flavour of the sexuality and health theme’s scope.

We’re delighted that among the ten projects there are universities that haven’t previously had a great deal of Humanities and Social Science funding from Wellcome. These include London South Bank University and the University of Central Lancashire.

Why we theme Seed Awards in H&SS

There are a number of reasons behind our decision to theme Seed Awards. We want to:

Our first theme in 2015-16 called for proposals that explored the intersections of social media, health and ethics

And we’ve got more themes planned.

What to do if your research is outside our chosen theme

We’d like to encourage you to consider our recently relaunched Small Grants in Humanities and Social Science if you need funds to build sustainable networks, or to explore new areas of research. 

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