Sharing Clinical Trial Data: what it means for you

Wellcome is joining (CSDR), a data-sharing initiative involving academic research funders and pharmaceutical companies. Jen O’Callaghan, from our Open Research team, explains why and what it means for researchers.

As a global research foundation, we’re dedicated to ensuring that the outputs of the research we fund – including clinical trial data – can be accessed and used in ways that will advance medical science by building on previous findings and exploring new questions.

CSDR is a website portal for listing and sharing clinical trial datasets. Initially established to provide a way in which researchers could access trial data from a consortium of 13 pharmaceutical companies, CSDR is now expanding to include data from academic-led trials.

Data continues to be held by the study team and is only shared with data requestors following a successful data access request.

How CSDR works

  1. Researchers seeking data can search the website to view the metadata of the listed trials. 
  2. To request data, a researcher completes a data access application form.
  3. An independent review panel considers data access requests to ensure that the research plan is viable and the team requesting the data are able to handle the data in a responsible manner. The panel then decides whether access should be granted to the dataset(s) requested.
  4. A coordinator supports both the data generator and the requestor to share and gain access to the data.

The benefits of sharing data through CSDR

We strongly encourage Wellcome-funded researchers to use CSDR for sharing trial data. 

Wellcome is joining CSDR in January 2018. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Medical Research Council have also joined.

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