Public Engagement Fund to relaunch with tighter focus on outcomes

Wellcome’s Public Engagement Fund is reopening on 5 March after being closed briefly. We've changed elements of how we're going to run the scheme and what we're looking for. In particular, we want applicants to be clearer about the change they are going to make in the world.

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The fund will still be open to any individual or organisation using creative approaches to engage the public with health research.

This reflects a strategic shift by Wellcome’s Public Engagement team towards involving the public in ways that will best support our mission of improving health.

Join our Facebook Live sessions

We’re running two Facebook Q&A sessions on Tuesday 6 March at 18.00 and Friday 9 March at 13.00. Imran Khan, Greer Roberts and Farrah Nazir from our Public Engagement team will be live answering your questions about the revised fund and our new strategy.

The fund will still be open to any individual or organisation using creative approaches to engage the public with health research. 

Full details about eligibility and how to apply will be available on the new scheme page from 5 March. The first deadline for applications to the scheme will be 3 May 2018.

Changes to what we’re looking for in applications

These include:

  • A stronger focus on what outcomes your proposed project wants to achieve, and how these are in line with our new strategic goals.
  • A requirement that a project should either innovate significantly, build on proven success by increasing sustainability or scaling up, or learn from existing successful engagement activity and replicate it with a new audience.
  • A viable plan for delivering the project, tracking whether it has achieved its outcomes and sharing learning.
  • A particular interest in projects that promote diversity and inclusion, and/or engage people and communities who are disadvantaged.

Changes to how we’re going to run the scheme

As well as the changes in criteria, we’re making several significant changes to how the fund is managed. These include:

  • quarterly deadlines for any application up to £250,000
  • a minimum grant amount of £25,000, replacing the previous £5,000 lower limit
  • a faster turnaround for applications of between £100,000 and £250,000
  • a new rolling expression of interest inbox for project proposals over £250,000.

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