Science remit

We fund scientific research to improve the quality of health of everyone. This covers all aspects of science – from molecules and the cells vital to life, to the spread of diseases and vectors of disease around the world, to clinical and public health research.

The research we support includes these broad areas:

Research can be done in the laboratory, office, clinic or field, and may involve experimental or theoretical approaches.

We fund people at all career stages from a range of disciplines including biomedicine, informatics, clinical science, public health and social sciences.

We fund researchers with the most innovative and exciting ideas. Our support can be for individuals or teams, and can include research resources and equipment, or support for conferences and workshops.

A significant proportion of our funding goes to support scientists and others working in low- and middle-income countries, as well as the UK.

Find out about the science team's strategy, Improving health through the best research [PDF 1MB].

Our position on funding veterinary science

We fund studies on:

We don't fund studies on:

Applications are judged on a competitive basis across a wide range of science, rather than within specific disciplines.

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