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May 2017

We’re in the final stage of refining Explorify, our new programme of activities for primary teachers.

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March 2017

Our new funding scheme supports researchers who want to explore the best ways to assess students’ practical science skills. The research will be used to inform our recommendations for future GCSE and A-level reform.

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January 2017

We've developed resources to help teachers and students when thinking about ethics and extended project qualifications.

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September 2016

We're working with the BBC on The Big Food Survey, encouraging students to get involved in the UK’s biggest ever food and health survey for 12 and 13 year olds.

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May 2016

The Crunch school resources kits are being delivered to every school and further education college in the UK, and they're completely free. 

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March 2016

The Zika virus appears to have emerged out of nowhere, causing widespread health concerns throughout the world after decades of relative silence.

Watch our new animation to explore why has this occurred now, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

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January 2016

Fat is a word that carries a lot of weight, conjuring up topics as diverse as obesity, hibernation, what we eat and how we cook it. 

In our January issue of Big Picture, we get to grips with the greasy world of fats and lipids to find out what they do, not just inside us and other organisms, but also in the world around us.

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November 2015

The Crunch is an exciting new initiative with activities, experiences and discussions about our food, our health and our planet.

It will be rolled out across 2016, through a wide range of free activities, including free practical experiment kits sent to every UK school. 

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September 2015

We've launched a free, online resource for primary school governors on the back of the success of the resource aimed at secondary schools. 

Questions for Governors has a set of questions focused on science and maths, evidence for why they are important, national benchmarks to compare against and ideas for improvement. 

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July 2015

Join us on our journey to explore the past, present and future of life in space! June's issue of Big Picture on Space Biology looks at life in space from several perspectives, including how it began and the effects of space as a rather extreme habitat.

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May 2015

As professionals who facilitate learning every day, it's clear why teachers want to understand more about the brain and learning.

With this in mind, we launched an online event to enable teachers to talk to scientists about the research around how young people learn. 

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