Executive Board

Our day-to-day activities are managed by the Executive Board, which is made up of senior managers from across the organisation. 

Portrait of Jeremy Farrar

Jeremy Farrar

Director of the Wellcome Trust

Before joining Wellcome in October 2013, Jeremy was Director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam, where his research interests were infectious diseases, tropical health and emerging infections. He has contributed to 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has served on several World Health Organization advisory committees.

Jeremy was appointed OBE in 2005 for services to tropical medicine, and he has been awarded the Memorial Medal and the Ho Chi Minh City Medal by the Government of Vietnam, the Frederick Murgatroyd Prize for Tropical Medicine by the Royal College Physicians and the Bailey Ashford Award by the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Jeremy is married with three children. He loves all sport and walking in the Alps.

Portrait of Wellcome Executive Board member Steve Caddick

Stephen Caddick

Director - Innovations

Stephen Caddick joined Wellcome in June 2015. Previously, he was Vice Provost (Enterprise & London) and Vernon Professor of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology at University College London.

He is co-founder of Synthetic Pages, an open access website, and Thiologics, an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) biotech spinout company. His laboratory focuses on chemical modification of proteins and antibodies for development of therapeutics and diagnostics.

He has played an important role in the development of the chemical biology strategy and facilities within the Francis Crick Institute.

Portrait of Wellcome Executive Board member Simon Chaplin

Simon Chaplin

Director - Culture & Society

Simon Chaplin joined Wellcome in February 2010. Before taking up his current role in November 2014, Simon was head of the Wellcome Library, where he led a highly successful digitisation programme and an exciting redesign of the library's public spaces.

He originally studied zoology, before an interest in the history of science and medicine led him to join the Science Museum, where he worked on the Wellcome medical collections and managed the PRISM Grant Fund for preservation of industrial and scientific material.

Before joining Wellcome, Simon was Director of Museums and Special Collections at the Royal College of Surgeons, where he led the curatorial team responsible for the redevelopment of the Hunterian Museum. His academic research interests include the history of anatomy and medical museums.

Portrait of Wellcome Executive Board member Tim Livett

Tim Livett

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Livett joined Wellcome in December 2014 and is responsible for the leadership of the Finance and IT departments.

After graduating in chemistry, he joined ICI/Zeneca and trained as an accountant. He has spent the majority of his career in commercial aviation, working for British Airways and, after a short break, at Virgin Atlantic, most recently in the role of Chief Financial Officer.

Portrait of Wellcome Executive Board member Clare Matterson

Clare Matterson

Director - Strategy

Clare Matterson leads on strategy, policy, advocacy and education, communicating Wellcome's work, leading grant management and incubating new initiatives. From 2004 to 2014, Clare was Director of Culture & Society.

With a small team, she conceived and led the first 10 years of Wellcome Collection – our highly acclaimed public venue. She was responsible for bringing the arts and humanities into the core of our work and for extending its activities to engage the public with science.

Passionate about education, Clare led Wellcome's initiative to create the National Learning Centre – a partnership with the UK government to drive improvements in science education. She is currently chair of the National Forum for Public Engagement with STEM.

Portrait of Wellcome Executive Board member Ted Smith

Ted Smith

Director - People & Facilities

Ted Smith joined Wellcome at the beginning of 2015. He has responsibility for buildings, travel, health and safety, meetings, catering and cleaning services, internal communications, and human resources. For the previous five years, Ted had worked as Group HR Director of the Medical Research Council.

He has also worked at Glaxo Group Research, GlaxoWellcome and GSK (where his last role was as Vice President HR), at two market research companies, and at Vernalis, a Cambridge-based biotech company. Ted has also held trustee roles at two charities, Wysing Arts and Herts Careers Service.

He has a degree in Science and the Environment and a love of live music, photography and sport.

Portrait of Wellcome Executive Board member Mike Turner

Mike Turner

Acting Director of Science and Head of Infection Biology

Mike Turner is currently Acting Director of Science and Head of Infection Biology at the Wellcome Trust. Before taking on the role of Acting Director of Science, he was Head of Infection and Immuno-Biology, a position he was appointed to in January 2014. Before joining Wellcome he was Professor of Parasitology at the University of Glasgow, where his research interests focused on trypanosome, malaria and schistosome parasites.  

Portrait of Wellcome Executive Board member Danny Truell

Danny Truell

Chief Investment Officer

Danny Truell joined Wellcome in 2005, having previously been a Managing Director of Goldman Sachs in its investment management division. Before joining Goldman Sachs in 1996, Danny's career was focused on Asian financial markets.