Research environment

The UK's world-leading research environment depends on long-term government investment at every stage, support for a skilled workforce, and cutting-edge facilities and equipment.


Two researchers look at a computer screen

Opinion | 16 October 2019

PhD merit needs to be defined by more than just publications by Anne-Marie Coriat

Two researchers look into microscope

Opinion | 23 September 2019

Researchers pay the cost of research by Ben Bleasdale

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Brexit and the EU

We're working with the UK government and others to achieve a Brexit settlement that allows research to thrive in the UK and Europe.

Government investment in research

Government investment plays an important part in supporting scientific excellence in the UK.

Accelerated Access Review

The recommendations set out in the review mark one of the first steps towards making sure that promising drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital products are adopted quickly across the NHS.


Report September 2016 Updated July 2017

International public engagement: gathering views of engagement with research across Africa and India

DownloadPDF 721KB

We examine attitudes to public engagement with research across our funding portfolio in low- and middle-income countries.

Report March 2016 Updated May 2016

Public attitudes to commercial access to health data

DownloadPDF 2.8MB

We commissioned Ipsos MORI to undertake research into public attitudes towards commercial organisations accessing health, medical and genetic data.

Report November 2014 Updated May 2016

The UK’s innovation ecosystem

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We commissioned Bain & Company to look at the barriers that prevent life sciences research from being effectively translated into treatments, technologies and products.

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Briefings and responses

Consultation response November 2017 Updated September 2018

Science budget and Industrial Strategy inquiry

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Consultation response March 2017 Updated March 2017

Consultation on the second Research Excellence Framework

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Consultation response October 2016 Updated October 2016

Long-term sustainability of the NHS

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