Regulation creates an environment where research and innovation can flourish. 

To be effective, regulation needs to:

•    maintain people’s trust in research 
•    be proportionate to the risks 
•    be based on scientific evidence.

Our work

Gene editing in research

Gene editing allows scientists to change gene sequences by adding, replacing or removing sections of DNA.

Data Protection Regulation

The new European Data Protection Regulation was agreed in April 2016 and will take effect from May 2018.

Research involving animals

Almost every major breakthrough in human and veterinary medicine has depended on the use of animals in the research, development or testing of new therapies. 

Mitochondrial donation

Mitochondrial donation is an IVF technique that gives families affected by mitochondrial disease the chance of having healthy children.

EU medical devices regulations

The European Union is revising regulations governing the manufacture and sale of medical devices.


Regulation and governance of health research: five years on [PDF 652KB]

  • June 2017

Report of a joint Academy of Medical Sciences, Cancer Research UK and Wellcome workshop on the regulation and governance of health research in the UK.

Primates in medical research [PDF 1019KB]

  • November 2011

An introduction to the issues raised by the use of primates in medical research, produced by the Medical Research Council and Wellcome.

Briefings and responses