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Open access ensures that original research publications – including journal articles, book chapters and monographs – are available to everyone to read and re-use for free.


Two researchers look at a computer screen

Opinion | 16 October 2019

PhD merit needs to be defined by more than just publications by Anne-Marie Coriat

Three women researchers working at the Wellcome Centre of Human Genetics in Oxford

Opinion | 10 September 2019

Why we need to reimagine how we do research by Jeremy Farrar

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Access to healthcare interventions

Everyone should have access to the life-changing benefits of medicines and other healthcare interventions, like vaccines, diagnostics and therapies.

Open research

We want the research we fund – like publications, data, software and materials – to be open and accessible, so it can have the greatest possible impact.


Report 1 March 2015 Updated 4 December 2019

Scholarly communication and peer review

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Commissioned by Wellcome, this report by the Research Information Network examines the current status and possible future direction for the peer review of research papers.

Report 1 March 2014 Updated 4 December 2019

Developing an effective market for open access article processing charges

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A study exploring how research funders can encourage the development of a transparent and reasonably priced article processing charge funded open access market.

Briefings and responses

Consultation response 1 September 2016 Updated 4 December 2019

National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care's Review of Data Security, Consent and Opt-Outs

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Consultation response 1 September 2014 Updated 4 December 2019

Independent Review of the Implementation of RCUK Policy on Open Access

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Consultation response 1 January 2013 Updated 4 December 2019

Inquiry into open access

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