Infectious disease and the immune system

Read the latest news and reports about our work related to understanding endemic and epidemic infections, such as malaria and HIV, and the role of the immune system in health and disease. Our science funding in this area is led by our Infection and Immunobiology team.

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Antimicrobial resistance surveillance: sharing industry data [PDF 1.1MB]

  • September 2018

Recommendations from a pilot project to openly publish human antimicrobial resistance surveillance data generated and collected by the pharmaceutical industry. The project was led by the Open Data Institute and funded by Wellcome.

Joint statement on International Environmental Antimicrobial Resistance Forum [PDF 317KB]

  • May 2018

summary of the discussions at the forum, which looked at opportunities to better understand and help reduce the impact of environmental AMR on human health.

Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance [PDF 1.9MB]

  • November 2017

The key outcomes from the Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance event, organised by Wellcome in partnership with the UK, Ghanaian and Thai governments and the UN Foundation.

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Antimicrobial resistance inquiry [PDF 89KB]

  • September 2018

Health and Social Care Committee