Genetics, genomics and molecular biology

Read the latest news and reports about our work related to understanding genes, proteins and other molecules that are critical to life. Our science funding in this area is led by our Genetics and Molecular Sciences team.

Our work

Understanding health and disease

We support researchers across the world to explore fundamental questions about health and disease.

Emerging science and technologies

Emerging science and technologies, such as human genome editing and gene drive, could provide new solutions to health problems.


Report Updated 4 May 2016

The use of biological sample collections and personal medical information in human genetics research

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This report looks at the regulatory and legal aspects of using biomedical sample collections and personal medical information in research.

Briefings and responses

Consultation response 1 January 2017 Updated 2 February 2017

Joint response to the inquiry into genomics and genome-editing

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Consultation response 1 September 2015 Updated 3 May 2016

Initial joint statement on genome editing in human cells

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Consultation response 1 April 2014 Updated 4 May 2016

Implementing the Nagoya Protocol in the UK

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