Data sharing

Sharing data helps researchers to access and build on new information and knowledge. This provides opportunities to accelerate the progress of research and improvements in health.

Our work

Open research

Since April we’ve been assessing our activities on open research, and looking at what other funders are doing.

Patient data in research

Patient data is hugely valuable for research. But the value of that data can only be unlocked if concerns about patient privacy are taken seriously.

Data sharing in public health emergencies

Research is an essential part of being ready for and responding to public health emergencies.

Clinical trials data sharing

Sharing data from clinical trials benefits other researchers working on different studies and builds public trust by showing that clinical trials are valuable to healthcare.

Data Protection Regulation

The new European Data Protection Regulation was agreed in April 2016 and will take effect from May 2018.

Open access publishing

Open access ensures that original research publications – including journal articles, book chapters and monographs – are available to everyone to read and re-use at no cost.

EU copyright law reform

The European Commission has published a proposal to update EU copyright law so that it applies equally across Europe and is fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Expert Advisory Group on Data Access

The Expert Advisory Group on Data Access provides strategic advice to its funders about the scientific, legal and ethical issues of data access for cohort studies and human genetics research.

Public Health Research Data Forum

The Public Health Research Data Forum brings together more than 20 funders of global health research to support ways of sharing health research data.


Building and sustaining data infrastructures [PDF 531KB]

  • October 2016

This commissioned review looks at the data infrastructure provision available to Wellcome-funded researchers and suggests areas where improvements could be helpful.

Interoperability standards [PDF 288KB]

  • October 2016

We commissioned a review looking at interoperability standards for digital research outputs.

Developing skills for managing research data and software in open research [PDF 365KB]

  • October 2016

We commissioned a review to explore potential gaps in data management skills and capacity, and how these needs can be met in future.

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