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We fund and support innovative health research across the humanities and social sciences.

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Team contacts

João Rangel de Almeida

Portfolio development manager

Contact about:
  • strategic opportunities
  • major initiatives and partnerships
  • research evidence into policy and practice
  • applications from scholars based in India, South Africa and Brazil

Paul Woodgate

Portfolio developer

Chris Hassan

Portfolio manager – researchers' resources

Contact about:

Charli Colegate

Portfolio developer

Contact about:
  • past and present portfolio content and development

Sarah Golding

Department administrator

Contact about:
  • queries for Dan O’Connor concerning strategic opportunities related to the Humanities and Social Science portfolio

Dan O'Connor

Head of Humanities and Social Science

Our work

Research in the humanities and social sciences

Why funding research into the humanities and social sciences is important, and what we're doing.


Ethical, social and political challenges of artificial intelligence in health [PDF 5MB]

  • April 2018

How AI is being used in healthcare, how it could be used in the near future, and what ethical, social, and political challenges these current and prospective uses present.