Research practice

Good research practice is one of the foundations of high-quality research. Robust, reliable and reproducible studies are fundamental to driving scientific progress.

Our position

We expect the people we fund to adhere to high standards of research integrity and rigour. This includes how research is planned, performed, reported and shared.

We expect our researchers to follow:

What we’re doing

Research involving animals

For years we’ve worked to influence policy and develop a more open dialogue around how the practice of research involving animals can be improved

Concordat to support research integrity

We’re a member of the working group that supports the Universities UK Concordat on research integrity.

Improving the reproducibility of research 

One element of good research practice is reproducibility. To develop and implement ways to improve the reproducibility of biomedical research, we’ve partnered with the:

As part of our commitment, we jointly organised a symposium in April 2015. Read the summary

Our joint statement outlines the key activities that we’ve undertaken since the symposium to improve research reproducibility. We recognise that it’s a system-wide issue that requires action, not just from us, but from publishers, research organisations and members of the wider biomedical research community.

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Influencing policy

Science policy affects a broad range of issues, ranging from data sharing and gene editing, to intellectual property and regulation.

Reports and consultations