Open research

In April 2016 we started exploring whether open research should be one of Wellcome’s priority areas.

Open research is now reaching the end of development – we expect to announce plans on if and how we will take this area forward soon.

Why we’re looking at it

There’s a strong and growing consensus on the value of making research outputs – including datasets, publications and code – widely and rapidly available.  

Making research more open means that other researchers can build on findings and generate new knowledge. This helps to speed up scientific discoveries and ultimately improve health. 

While significant progress has been made in the last decade, there are still a number of challenges:

We’re well placed to explore what could do in this space because:

What we’re doing

Since April we’ve been assessing our activities on open research, and looking at what other funders are doing. Over the coming months we’ll map out how we might be able to make a difference. This will be based on:

Who’s working on it

We’ve also set up an external group of expert advisors who are helping us with our work: 

Contact us

If you have any questions, contact the team:


Data sharing

Sharing data helps researchers to access and build on new information and knowledge.

Open access

Open access ensures that original research publications are available to everyone to read and re-use for free.