Major public engagement initiatives

We run nationwide public engagement initiatives about health and science. Our work has connected millions of people with research in new ways.

What are major initiatives and why do we do them?

Major initiatives bring together connected activities to explore a common theme. They reach people using several channels at once, such as:

We develop major initiatives to connect people and researchers, and to help everyone look at issues in new ways. It’s important to us that our initiatives encourage debate and value everyone's contributions. 

We run them when we see one or more of the following:

How we support public engagement initiatives

Our public engagement team runs initiatives directly.

We work with other organisations for the greatest impact on research and on the public. We do this through a combination of partnerships and commissioning.

Our major public engagement initiatives

Initiatives run with external partners

Initiatives run with Wellcome Collection

These national events were all inspired by Wellcome Collection exhibitions.

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