Improving health

We support people who turn great ideas and discoveries into new technologies, treatments and diagnostics.

New health products and treatments

We’ve funded hundreds of innovations in these areas:

We’re able to take the long view. We expect it might take at least five to 20 years for some of these innovations to have a significant impact on health.

Some of the work we’ve supported is already having an impact. For example:

Clinical research

Clinical research directly involves people as subjects or participants in trials, or the use of human cells and tissue.

We’ve helped to change the way that clinical research is done in the UK by making it easier.

Working with the NHS and government, we’ve established clinical research facilities around the country. These provide the infrastructure for researchers and other staff from universities and the NHS to collaborate on research that informs and improves patient care.

We’ve also supported researchers with great ideas. For example:

Public health interventions

So much of good health isn’t down to a medication or treatment. It’s about knowing how best to stay healthy.

These are just a few of the innovations we’ve funded in this area:

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