EU copyright law reform

The European Commission has published a proposal to update EU copyright law so that it applies equally across Europe and is fit for purpose in the 21st century. 

The proposal is now going through the EU legislative process.

Our position

We welcome the Commission’s plans and believe that EU copyright law should be reformed to take account of new developments in technology. 

We’re calling for the legislation to be updated so that researchers are able to use computers to ‘read’ and analyse enormous datasets – known as text and data mining. 

This will help researchers to gather new insights from the increasing amount of published scientific literature and data. 

What we’re doing

We’re part of Copyright for Knowledge – a group of UK research and higher education organisations calling for copyright reform at EU level. 

In 2016, we responded to the Commission’s proposals for reform.

We’ve also signed a joint statement on how the Commission´s proposal for a new Copyright Directive should be amended to support research. 

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