Digital games

We work with games developers and publishers to help make entertaining digital games. We’re also interested in how developers' skills can improve science and health research.

We support the games industry because it’s a great way to reach people. Games can engage people who don’t encounter science-related content in other ways.

How we support games


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We fund digital games through our Public Engagement Fund. This scheme replaces our Development Fund and Co-production Fund.

Projects we've supported recently include:

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Our initiatives

Collider is a collaboration between Wellcome and the National Videogame Arcade. It connects games studios with scientists and other researchers at themed workshops and dinners.

The Big Data VR Challenge, created with Epic Games, brought together developers and researchers. Five teams explored how virtual reality can be used to visualise massive datasets. The winning team, LumaPie, built a VR environment for ALSPAC’s Children of the 90s data.

We also worked with Epic Games on their Make Something Unreal Live competition in 2013. Student teams had to pitch a game inspired by genetics and genomics. The winners, Dead Shark Triplepunch, built a multiplayer sports game, Epigenesis.

The NFTS Bridges to Industry for Games is a competition for recent National Film and Television School graduates. The winner gets funding to produce and release a game.

We partner with BAFTA Crew on masterclasses and events for emerging talent in games, film and television.

We host informal networking evenings in Wellcome Collection for games developers, publishers and scientists. Participants explore ideas inspired by Wellcome Collection exhibitions and big themes in science.

How to find an expert

Collaborations between biomedical researchers and the creative industries are at the heart of what we do. Many researchers are keen to share their work, and we encourage you to approach them directly. Most of them have their contact details online.

If you're not sure who to approach, try searching for articles on your topic through Europe PMC. Other useful organisations and publications include:

Joining the Wellcome Library gives you access to several Nature Publishing Group journals online. By visiting the library building, you can use Scopus, JSTOR and many other resources for free.

If you're in the USA, the Science and Entertainment Exchange may be able to help.

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Electric Lullaby, Cupboard Games


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