Research Leadership Development Programme

Our Research Leadership Development Programme (RLDP) connected senior researchers with great leaders to help improve their skills.

What the 2018-19 programme involved

The 2018-19 RLDP had two immersive parts, or 'learning journeys'. Each lasted for four days and all activities were run by our partner Monitor Deloitte.

The activities explored three basic issues:

  • strategy and vision
  • managing people
  • leadership persona.

Part one: London, UK

This took place 19-22 November 2018 in London. 

It looked at leadership outside biomedical research. Participants visited a range of organisations to meet the people in charge and gain new perspectives.

Part two: Boston, USA

This took place 11-14 March 2019 in Boston.

It looked at leadership within biomedical research. As well as meetings with scientific leaders, it included more hands-on skill development.

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