Mapping computational software for clinical and phenotypic data

Wellcome wants to work collaboratively with the scientific community to develop and support open-source computational software for preparing and structuring clinical phenotypic data. We want to better understand current approaches which work, and opportunities for improving existing tools and bottlenecks.


Wellcome is working with Hetco Design to understand what exists based on analytics of peer-reviewed contributions, combined with contextual details gathered in conversations with experts. 

Why we are mapping computational software for clinical and phenotypic data

Every day across the world, clinical phenotypic data from patients is being routinely captured by clinicians and clinical researchers at government bodies, primary care settings, hospitals, research institutions and health charities. 

Our goal is to create a future where these data owners can be supported via open-source software training to easily prepare and structure collected data for research access, in a safe controlled manner that protects the public. Enabling easier use of this data can transform our understanding of human health and enable rich, contextual yet scalable healthcare innovation. 

A mixed methods approach

Hetco Design is using the PubMed API to gain programmatic access to PubMed literature content. It has developed a script and defined multiple queries to identify 10,000+ papers on relevant topics, written between January 2016 and September 2019.

To ensure GDPR compliance, Hetco is only storing the names of the institutes and relevant departments.

A thematic analysis of the papers and survey to categorise existing software by parameters, for example condition types, health data type, will be completed by December 2019.

Help shape the program

Wellcome and Hetco Design would like to invite you for a short conversation with the Landscape Mapping team, to discuss your institute's work on leveraging clinical phenotypic data for research, followed by a survey.

Schedule a meeting via the open calendar

Explore the Landscape Map

You can explore the Landscape Map on this interactive visualisation (hosted on Hetco Design’s website) that captures the latest findings.

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