Clinical trials data sharing

Data from clinical trials is a valuable resource for healthcare researchers. 

Sharing this data benefits other researchers working on different studies and builds public trust by showing that clinical trials are valuable to healthcare.

The clinical trials data sharing debate

The current debate on accessing clinical trials data focuses on three areas: 

  • registration of trials
  • improved reporting of results 
  • access to underlying raw data.

Our position

As set out in our clinical trials policy, we require all clinical trials we fund to be registered. We also expect researchers to adopt good practices in reporting their research findings, including negative results, in a timely manner.

We believe that data which comes from the clinical trials we fund should be managed and shared in a way that maximises health benefits. 

We’re working with the international research community to develop governance mechanisms which enable wider sharing of clinical trial data, while protecting patient privacy.

What we’re doing

We commissioned independent consultants Technopolis to study the types of clinical research that currently use data from trials and the feasibility of a portal to access this data. Read the final report [PDF 4.3MB] and summary [PDF 99KB].

We took over running the independent review panel secretariat for in February 2015. Thirteen study sponsors have agreed to share their data on this site. 

We’re working with the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center (MRCT) at Harvard University to increase access to commercial and academic trial data. We held a stakeholder meeting in March 2016 to help shape this work.

More information

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