The arts

We support artists and arts organisations to explore science and health through the work they create, the way they share their ideas, and the collaborators they work with.

Why it’s important

We support the arts because they can inspire, challenge and entertain. Art has the power to combine personal, emotional and critical reflection, to make connections between diverse ideas and to provoke unexpected conversations. 

Artists and scientists share a curiosity about the world and an instinct for collaboration. When they come together, these different, equally creative disciplines can generate exciting new thinking and perspectives.

How we support the arts

We want to encourage a wide range of artists and arts organisations to explore health. We support work that creates deeper engagement with audiences and builds the arts sector’s capacity to contribute to science and health research.

Outside of Wellcome Collection, one of the ways we support artists and arts organisations is through our Public Engagement Fund. This scheme has replaced our Small and Large Arts Awards.

We also look for opportunities to work in partnership with organisations and commissioners across the arts sector, especially where it helps us to reach new artists and audiences, or to support activity on a larger scale. 


See our public engagement funding schemes