Multi-user Equipment Grants

Multi-user Equipment Grants: people we've funded

This list includes current and past grantholders.


Professor Matthias Trost

Newcastle University

State-of-the-art proteomics.

Professor Thomas Meier

Imperial College London

A modern cryo-EM facility.

Dr Daniel Stuckey

University College London

Multi-spectral in vivo optical imaging system

Professor Steven Williams

King's College London

Dissecting neural networks with optogenetic functional MRI (opto-fMRI)

Dr Carmel Moran

University of Edinburgh

Strategic expansion of preclinical ultrasound imaging facility

Prof Mathias Gautel

King's College London

Cellular and sub-cellular sampling using laser capture microdissection to understand disease mechanisms

Professor Roland Fleck

King's College London

Cryo focussed ion beam scanning electron microscope for correlative functional studies of biological systems in situ by tomography

Professor Robin Franklin

University of Cambridge

Ultrastructural imaging

Dr Lucy Fairclough

University of Nottingham

Imaging Flow Cytometry

Professor Margaret Robinson

University of Cambridge

Rapid spatial imaging of subcellular dynamics

Professor Paul Kaye

University of York

Digital spatial profiling in biomedical research

Professor Philip Blower

King's College London

A multiuser radioanalytical facility for molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy research

Professor Denis Mareschal

Birkbeck University of London

Toddlerlab CAVE Neuroimaging Facilities


Professor Shaun Cowley

University of Leicester

A multi-user FACS facility at the University of Leicester

Dr Richard Cubbon

University of Leeds

Light sheet microscopy in biomedical imaging

Professor Louise Donnelly

Imperial College London

Flow cytometric isolation and characterisation of cells from human lung samples.

Professor Ryan Donnelly

Queen's University Belfast

3D bioprinting for enhanced biosensing, regenerative medicine and pharmaceutical manufacture

Professsor Rory Duncan

Heriot-Watt University

Extending the Edinburgh super-resolution imaging consortium STED, FCS and SMLM capability and capacity

Professor Lynda Erskine

University of Aberdeen

Zeiss LSM 880 confocal microscope with Airyscan detector for super-resolution imaging at the University of Aberdeen

Professor Hanns Lochmüller

Newcastle University

The applied NMJ research facility

Prof Michael Malim

King's College London

Flow cytometry for investigating HIV infection of living cells

Professor Oscar Marin

King's College London

Light sheet microscope for 3D imaging of large samples and improved in vivo imaging

Professor Paul Martin

University of Bristol

Light sheet microscope for imaging of cell and developmental biology in health and disease

Professor Andrew McAinsh

University of Warwick

Probing intra-cellular dynamics with lattice light sheet microscopy

Dr Miratul Muqit

University of Dundee

Advancing tissue imaging capabilities with Airyscan confocal microscopy

Professor Harish Poptani

University of Leeds

Multi-modal high resolution preclinical PET+SPECT+CT scanner

Professor Neil Ranson

University of Leeds

Bridging the gap between cell and structural biology at the University of Leeds

Professor Wolf Reik

Babraham Institute

High-throughput automation of sequencing library generation for Wellcome Trust-funded research at the Babraham Institute

Professor Frank Sobott

University of Leeds

Mass spectrometry infrastructure underpinning research into the molecular basis and biological mechanisms in health and disease

Professor Kevin Staras

University of Sussex

Enhancing electron microscopy facilities at the University of Sussex with high-pressure freezing technology

Dr Alex von Kriegsheim

University of Edinburgh

High resolution metabolite and peptide mass spectrometry


Professor Ruth Andrew

University of Edinburgh

Mass spectrometry imaging in translational endocrine research

Dr Christoph Ballestrem

University of Manchester

A 'Molecular Imaging (FLIM/FCS) toolbox' to investigate molecular interactions and activation in super-resolution and widefield mode

Professor Philip Blower

King's College London

The London Metallomics Facility

Dr Mark Buckley

University of Oxford

Large-scale neuronal recording and stimulation in individual and socially interacting primates

Professor Doreen Cantrell

University of Dundee

Fluorescence activated cell sorting for cell biology and immunology

Professor Maria Conte

King's College London

King's NMR Facility for structural biology, metabolic profiling and drug discovery

Professor Michael Dustin

University of Oxford

In vivo microscopy system to probe microbiome link to inflammation

Professor Jaya George

University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Mass spectrometry unit as a biomedical resource

Professor Erhard Hohenester

Imperial College London

A modern crystallisation facility at Imperial College London

Professor Ben Luisi

University of Cambridge

An electron cryo-microscopy resource for macromolecular structure determination in the University of Cambridge

Professor Andrew Randall

University of Exeter

A multiphoton imaging facility for in vitro and in vivo studies of CNS function and disease

Professor Helen Saibil

Birkbeck, University of London

Cryo-electron microscope for high-resolution single particle analysis

Professor Christiane Schaffitzel

University of Bristol

South West Regional Facility for High-Resolution Electron Cryo-Microscopy

Professor Abigail Tucker

King's College London

High resolution microCT


Professor Mara Cercignani

University of Sussex

Dedicated MR equipment for optimised imaging of the structure and function of the human brain

Dr Stuart Clare

University of Oxford

Improving ultra-high field MRI using parallel transmit technology

Dr Roland A Fleck

King's College London

3D Volume Serial Block Face Imaging Facility

Professor Peter Howell

University College London

Shared equipment application for a NIRx Near Infrared Spectrometer (NIRS) system for functional measurements (fNIRS)

Dr Dirk M Lang

University of Cape Town, South Africa

A world-class micro-imaging platform for biomedical and infectious diseases research in southern Africa

Professor Kathryn S Lilley

University of Cambridge

High performance mass spectrometry: applications for the Cambridge biological sciences community

Dr Franck Pichaud

University College London

The dynamic cell: a high-speed high-resolution microscopy platform for biomedical imaging

Dr Neil A Ranson

University of Leeds

Modern cryo-electron microscopy with direct electron detection at the University of Leeds

Professor Juri Rappsilber

University of Edinburgh

Proteomics at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology and School of Biological Sciences, Edinburgh

Professor Margaret S Robinson

University of Cambridge

High resolution imaging

Dr Simon Walker-Samuel

University College London

A preclinical magnetic resonance imaging system for neurology and oncology

Professor Henrik Zetterberg

University College London

A novel biomarker platform for dementia research with single molecule sensitivity


Dr Giancarlo Biagini

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Supporting excellence in basic and clinical research: a flow cytometry/sorting and cell imaging platform for the genotypic and phenotypic analysis of Hazard Group 3 pathogens

Professor Bettina Böttcher

University of Edinburgh

Advancing our capabilities for visualisation of cellular structures and isolated complexes by electron microscopy

Professor Alistair J P Brown

University of Aberdeen

Quantitative proteomics equipment for the Aberdeen Proteomics Facility

Professor Peter J Cullen

University of Bristol

Provision of high-resolution proteomics to enhance forward and back translational research

Dr Christian Eggeling

University of Oxford

Advanced super-resolution fluorescence STED microscopy of the cellular interior

Dr Jan Löwe

Medical Research Council

Focused ion beam and scanning electron microscope for 3D reconstruction of large volumes in neurobiology, cell biology and nano-engineering of electron cryotomography samples

Professor Anthony I Magee

Imperial College London

FILM microscopy facility: new-generation confocal and high-content screening microscopes, and upgrades for intravital microscopy

Professor Stephen J Matthews

Imperial College London

Imperial Cross-Faculty NMR Centre: new applications to large macromolecular complexes, membrane proteins, biomaterial and metabolomics

Dr Michelle Peckham

University of Leeds

Multi-functional imaging of living cells for biomedical sciences

Professor Sheena E Radford

University of Leeds

Biological NMR for challenging biomedical problems

Professor Dame Carol V Robinson

University of Oxford

Mass spectrometry of membrane proteins

Dr Joel Tarning

University of Oxford

High-resolution mass spectrometry for tropical medicine research

Professor Gabriel Waksman

University College London

Using structural mass spectrometry for the study of large macromolecular nanomachines

Professor Joanna M Wardlaw

University of Edinburgh

Magnetic resonance imaging of life-course influences on brain health and disease


Dr Fred A Antson

University of York

Integrated multi-user crystallisation facility comprising a robot and storage system with image retrieval

Dr John Christodoulou

University College London

The UCL integrated NMR Centre: bridging fine-scale analysis of macromolecules and cell physiology with high-throughput population scale metabolomics, drug target validation and biomarker development

Professor Jane Clarke

University of Cambridge

Dissecting complexity in biomolecular interactions

Professor Timothy M Frayling

University of Exeter

Maximizing south-west biomedical sequencing and informatics capability

Professor E Yvonne Jones

University of Oxford

Fast live-cell imaging to correlate with electron cryo-tomography in high containment

Dr Robin Ketteler

University College London

High-throughput electroporation of primary cells

Dr Robert Knight

King’s College London

A dual beam multi-photon microscope and imaging workstation for live imaging of cellular dynamics in large specimens

Professor Sussan Nourshargh

University of London

The use of a combined flow cytometer/microscopy imaging platform for analysis of cellular phenotypic and functional profiles in inflammation and cancer

Professor Helen R Saibil

Birkbeck University of London

A direct electron detector for electron cryo-microscopy

Professor Geoffrey L Smith

University of Cambridge

Fluorescence activated cell sorting for immunobiology

Professor Kate G Storey

University of Dundee

Development of live tissue imaging capabilities using multi-photon confocal microscopy

Dr Neil H Thomson

University of Leeds

Fast scan atomic force microscope for cross-faculty biomedical research at the University of Leeds

Professor Malcolm D Walkinshaw

University of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Protein Production Facility (EPPF)


Professor Stephan Beck

University College London

A centralized platform for validation of genomic and epigenomic targets from clinical and non-clinical studies

Professor William Harris

University of Cambridge

Light sheet imaging and computer equipment for the Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre (CAIC)

Professor Miep Helfrich

University of Aberdeen

Transmission electron microscopy with tomography for studies of cellular ultrastructure

Professor Derek Jones

Cardiff University

Dedicated computing infrastructure for CUBRIC

Dr Kathryn Lilley

University of Cambridge

High performance mass spectrometry for proteomics

Dr David Norman

University of Dundee

State of the art pulse EPR instrumentation for long range distance measurements in biomacromolecules

Professor Carol Robinson

University of Oxford

Chemistry in cells

Professor Christiana Ruhrberg

University College London

High resolution retinal imaging

Professor Dale Wigley

Institute of Cancer Research

A facility for in-house analysis and X-ray data collection of crystals with large subunit cells

Professor Will Wood

University of Bath

Cell sorting flow cytometry for the study of live cell, cell surface and intracellular processes

Professor Xiaodong Zhang

Imperial College London

Enhancing the cryo-electron microscopy capacity at Imperial College London for single particle and tomographic studies

Other grant holders