Open access

Open access ensures that original research publications – including journal articles, book chapters and monographs – are available to everyone to read and re-use for free.

Our work

Open research

We want the research we fund – like publications, data, software and materials – to be open and accessible, so it can have the greatest possible impact.


Scholarly communication and peer review [PDF 487KB]

  • March 2015

Commissioned by Wellcome, this report by the Research Information Network examines the current status and possible future direction for the peer review of research papers.

Developing an effective market for open access article processing charges [PDF 1.1MB]

  • March 2014

A study exploring how research funders can encourage the development of a transparent and reasonably priced article processing charge funded open access market.

Briefings and responses

Inquiry into open access [PDF 152KB]

  • January 2013

House of Lords Science and Technology Committee