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Report 1 May 2014 Updated 4 May 2016

The perceived success of interventions in science education

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A study exploring the features of successful science education interventions.

Report 1 September 2002 Updated 19 May 2016

From biobanks to biomarkers

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This conference looked at how to use the potential of human population genetics research to improve EU citizens' quality of health.

Report 1 November 2014 Updated 20 May 2016

The UK’s innovation ecosystem

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We commissioned Bain & Company to look at the barriers that prevent life sciences research from being effectively translated into treatments, technologies and products.

Report 1 March 2014 Updated 3 May 2016

Public health sciences: challenges and opportunities

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The Public Health Sciences Working Group, convened by Wellcome, consider the state of the public health sciences in the UK.

Report 1 March 2000 Updated 6 June 2017

Review of Wellcome Trust PhD research training: the student perspective

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This study explores the experiences and expectations of Wellcome-funded PhD students receiving training on four-year PhD training programmes or three-year studentships.

Report 1 September 2003 Updated 19 May 2016

Addressing genetics, delivering health

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A strategy for developing the education and training of health professionals in relation to new genetic technologies.

Report 1 April 2010 Updated 3 May 2016

Assessment Framework Report 2009/10

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Annual report outlining Wellcome’s achievements in relation to our Strategic Plan for 2010-20.

Consultation response 1 October 2012 Updated 4 May 2016

Response to Post 2015 Development Goals

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Report 1 April 2004 Updated 19 May 2016

Costs and business models in scientific research publishing

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This report assesses the actual costs of publishing scientific, technical and medical research in peer-reviewed journals.

Report 1 September 2014 Updated 4 May 2016

Shaping the future of open innovation: a practical guide for life sciences organisations

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We explore how open collaborations in the life sciences are developing.

Report Updated 4 May 2016

Report of the Committee of Enquiry into Veterinary Research

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The committee, set up by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, set out to assess the current state and provision for veterinary science and research and to develop a strategy for the future.

Report 1 July 2001 Updated 4 May 2016

Review of Wellcome Trust PhD research training: the supervisor perspective

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This study explores the opinions and experiences of the academic supervisors of Wellcome-funded PhD students.

Report 1 June 2010 Updated 4 May 2016

Precompetitive drug boundaries: open innovation in drug discovery and development

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Our Frontiers meeting looked at open innovation strategies for drug discovery and development.

Report 1 January 2003 Updated 19 May 2016

Sharing data from large-scale biological research projects

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In response to requests from the large-genome sequencing scientific community, Wellcome sponsored an international meeting in January 2003 to discuss pre-publication data release.

Report 1 June 2009 Updated 4 May 2016

Towards consensus for best practice: the use of patient records from general practice for research

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This guidance is intended as the first step in a process to ensure that patients and GPs have confidence in the processes used to access patient information.

Report 1 March 2011 Updated 4 May 2016

Public health workshop report: Department of Health White Paper - Healthy Lives, Healthy People

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This report outlines key themes identified at a public health workshop to discuss the Department of Health White Paper, 'Healthy Lives, Healthy People'.

Report 1 July 2004 Updated 20 May 2016

Putting NHS research on the map: an analysis of scientific publications in England, 1990-97

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In partnership with the London Regional Office of the NHS Executive, we map the state of research in the National Health Service.

Consultation response 1 October 2012 Updated 4 May 2016

Consultation on the Draft Care and Support Bill

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Report 1 July 2001 Updated 19 May 2016

Radical thinking, creative solutions: career issues in UK academic research

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Our one-off conference was designed to encourage delegates to discuss the difficulties facing UK academic researchers, and how these barriers could be overcome.

Report 1 June 2010 Updated 19 May 2016

Human genetics 1990-2009: Wellcome portfolio review

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This portfolio review presents an analysis of developments in human genetics research between 1990 and 2009.