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Report 1 April 2013 Updated 4 May 2016

Assessment Framework Report 2012/13

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This report includes qualitative and quantitative data from across Wellcome, describing outputs and achievements associated with our activities.

Report Updated 15 February 2016

Medical Research: Assessing the benefits to society

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Better evidence is needed to demonstrate the impact of UK medical research on national health and prosperity, according to this report, published by the UK Evaluation Forum.'Medical Research: Assessing the benefits to society', calls for the further development of methods to capture and evaluate the

Report Updated 4 May 2016

Mapping the landscape: national biomedical research outputs 1988-95

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This report presents an overview of trends in the funding and outputs of biomedical research in the UK, with some international comparisons.

Report 1 April 2009 Updated 3 May 2016

Assessment Framework Report 2008/09

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The framework was established to enable progress to be tracked against our ten key indicators of progress set out in our Strategic Plan 2005-2010.

Report 1 July 2004 Updated 20 May 2016

Women and peer review: an audit of the Wellcome Trust's decision-making on grants

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We examine whether there is inadvertent sex discrimination in our grant-giving practices. The report summarises the study and its implications for women in biomedical science.

Report 1 September 2011 Updated 4 May 2016

Human functional brain imaging 1990-2009: Wellcome portfolio review

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This portfolio review presents an analysis of developments in human functional brain imaging research between 1990 and 2009.

Report 1 December 2000 Updated 4 May 2016

Who applies for research funding?

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We commissioned the National Centre for Social Research to investigate the grant application behaviour of researchers in the UK.

Report Updated 4 May 2016

Qualitative research: a vital resource for ethical healthcare

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This meeting sought to explore how qualitative social research could be useful in multidisciplinary initiatives in biomedical ethics.

Report Updated 4 May 2016

Social, ethical and public policy implications of advances in the biomedical sciences

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This paper describes the work of Wellcome's programme of research into the social, ethical and public policy implications of advances in biomedicine.

Report 1 September 2001 Updated 3 May 2016

Review of the Wellcome Trust biomedical ethics programme

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The aim of the programme is to support research into the ethical, legal, social and public policy aspects of developments in biomedical science.

Report Updated 20 May 2016

Report on the workshop on human biological sample collections

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This meeting looked at key themes for further research in the ethical, social, legal and public policy implications of human biological sample collections.

Report 1 June 2004 Updated 19 May 2016

Investigating ethics and mental disorders

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This meeting looked at areas of current and potential research in the field of ethics and mental disorders.

Report 1 March 2001 Updated 3 May 2016

The commodification of bioinformation: the Icelandic Health Sector Database (IHSD)

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A study by Dr Hilary Rose, City University and Gresham College, into the controversy surrounding the Icelandic Health Sector Database.

Report 1 July 2003 Updated 3 May 2016

Between macroethics and microrealities

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A collection of papers exploring a range of ethical issues in medicine and medical research, drawing on examples from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Report Updated 15 February 2016

Wellcome Trust Biomedical Ethics Programme Grantholders’ Meeting 2004

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to build a greater sense of identity for the Programme to foster contacts within the grantholder community, and between grantholders, Trust staff and members of the Funding Committee to highlight to grantholders the range of biomedical ethics research supported by the Trust to discuss how ethics res

Report 1 September 2003 Updated 4 May 2016

Translating pharmacogenetics research into practice: ethical and policy issues

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We hosted a meeting to explore the ethical implications and policy recommendations surrounding the implementation of pharmacogenetics.

Report 1 March 2004 Updated 4 May 2016

Kilifi research ethics workshop: meeting report

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This workshop at our overseas programme in Kilifi, Kenya, brought together more than 40 researchers, fieldworkers and community liaison workers from Kenya and Britain to discuss research ethics.

Report Updated 4 May 2016

The use of biological sample collections and personal medical information in human genetics research

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This report looks at the regulatory and legal aspects of using biomedical sample collections and personal medical information in research.

Report Updated 4 May 2016

Pharmacogenetics workshop: background paper and report

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This paper looks at developments in pharmacogenetics and the ethical, legal and social issues that are raised.

Report 1 May 2004 Updated 3 May 2016

UK Biobank ethics and governance framework

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Since the beginning of the project, the funders of the UK Biobank have been committed to an ethically sound approach to the collection, storage and use of samples, and to extensive public consultation to identify public concerns and priorities.