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Our work

Science education: inspiring teachers and students

Young people should understand more about how science is relevant to them.

News 9 January 2020 Updated 20 January 2020

Katie Anastasi-Frankovics is Wellcome's new Director of Innovations

We are making two new appointments to Wellcome’s Executive Leadership Team – Katie Anastasi-Frankovics is becoming Director of Innovations and Karen Chadwick is Finance Director.

Our work

Research culture: let's reimagine how we work together

We want to help build a better research culture – one that is creative, inclusive and honest.

Funding scheme

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships

Offering recently qualified postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to start independent research careers, working in some of the best research environments in the world.

Our work

Research in the humanities and social sciences

Why funding research into the humanities and social sciences is important, and what we're doing.

Funding scheme

Biomedical Vacation Scholarships

Providing promising undergraduates with hands-on experience of research during the summer holidays, with the aim of encouraging them to consider a career in research.

Funding scheme

Four-year PhD Programmes in Science

Supporting PhD programmes in the UK to train biomedical and public health researchers.

Funding scheme

Research Enrichment – Open Research

Supporting Wellcome grantholders to develop innovative ways to make their research open, accessible and reusable.

Funding scheme

Research Enrichment – Diversity and Inclusion

Enabling Wellcome grantholders to identify and tackle barriers to diversity and inclusion in their work.

Funding scheme

Snakebite Grants: Discovering and Developing New Treatments

Providing support for researchers working on innovative approaches to discover and develop next generation treatments for snakebite.

Funding scheme

Learned Society Curation Awards

Supporting learned society publishers who want to explore new ways of signalling the significance of published research outputs in an open and transparent manner.

Open Research Fund: project proposals submitted to Wellcome

Here you can see a list of eligible applications to the Open Research Fund, including project proposals, outcomes and decision summaries.

Funding scheme

Open Research Fund

Enabling researchers to develop and test innovative ways of making health research open, accessible and reusable.

Wellcome German office

The Wellcome German office, based in Berlin, supports our global policy and advocacy activities.

Our work

Wellcome Photography Prize 2020

The judging process for the 2020 prize is now underway.